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      there is now a fetchmail over pop3 mbean in JbossMail.
      The operation to fetch mail is pop().

      Configuration is done through MBean attributes:

       <mbean code="org.jboss.mail.fetchmail.Popper"
       <attribute name="Servername">localhost</attribute>
       <attribute name="PopPort">110</attribute>
       <attribute name="PopUser">heiko</attribute>
       <attribute name="Password">secret</attribute>
       <attribute name="LocalUser">heiko@localhost</attribute>
       <attribute name="DeleteAfterPop">true</attribute>

      - Servername: the server to fetch mail from
      - PopPort: the pop3 port of the server to fetch mail from
      - PopUser: the user account on the pop3 server
      - Password: the password on the pop3 server
      - LocalUser: the user@domain that the mail should be sent to locally
      - DeleteAfterPop: if true, delete the mail on the server. If false, leave it. This has another implication: if true: fetch all mail from the server, if false only fetch new mail.

      The configuration does not yet support pop over ssl and will also change somewhat in the future.
      See also JBMAIL-6 in JIRA.