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    Thoughts on Administration/Use cases

    Andrew Oliver Master

      For 1.0 we have to have some places where we cut features. The adminstrative system needs to be graphical (thinking of same tech that we use for the webmail). And the following use cases (below). We will specifically NOT include anything regarding changing the datasource or the datasource configuration via the GUI post installation.

      1. Install SSL domain
      2. Edit SSL domain (keystore, pass)
      3. Remove SSL domain
      4. Install Queue
      5. Remove Queue
      6. Edit Queue (name)
      7. Edit Virtual Host Configuration (add hosts, remove)
      8. Create Domain Group (non-local)
      9. Edit Domain Group (non-loca) (add hosts, remove)
      10. Add DNS Server
      11. Remove DNS Server
      12. Edit Service Configuration:
      a. SMTP
      Auth Required
      Auth Allowed
      Verify Identity
      Max MessageSize
      Block Size
      TLS Enabled
      Require TLS
      Require TLS for Auth
      Require Client Cert
      Postmaster address
      MaxOwnReceived Headers
      Thread Pool Assignment
      Bind Address
      b. POP
      Allow APOP
      TLS Enabled
      TLS Required
      Require Client Cert
      Thread Pool Assignment
      Bind Address
      ThreadPool Assignment
      c. IMAP
      (fuzzy right now)
      13. Create Service Configuration
      a. SMTP (see above)
      b. POP (above)
      c. IMAP (above)
      14. Create/Edit Thread Pool
      a. Initial
      b. Min
      c. Max
      d. Idle Keep Alive

      this is essentially a graphical editor for the jboss-service.xml file. I have the back end support for this written (change, remove, create and persist) minus the actual templates and scenarios (above) and will commit it tomorrow after I goof around with it some more.

      In addition I'd like to add what will essentially be an MBean hashtable of mbean names to "pretty names" for use in admin tools.