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    Help with Install on Windows XP

    Marcus Veloso Newbie


      I'm trying to install JBMS in Windows XP.

      - Install direct from site
      - Generate datasource Hypersonic (DefaultDS)
      - In "Server Name Configuration"
      . Local Domain#1 = mydomain
      . Server Name = smtp.mydomain
      . Server Bind =
      . Postmaster = postmaster@mydomain
      - Put in "DNS Configuration" the dns servers of "mydomain" registered in zoneedit.com site
      - In "SMTP Relaying" check "Allow.." and put 4 frequently used domain (like hotmail.com, gmail.com).
      - In "SMTP Service" accept all default options but "Verify Identity"
      - In "SMTP Route" all blanck

      After installation I can connect using Outlook Express and send email, but i can't receive any one, even when I send to me. I can connect to pop and smtp servers from outside my intranet using telnet, it's mean that my servers are accessible, but it can receive or send email from any domains i have tested.

      In command window of run.bat I can see the message error:
      Unable to deliver message to local user: myuser@mydomain. Unknown user.
      myuser is a Windows Administrator user.

      What I miss? :(

      Appreciate your help.