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    suggestion: sexy skins

    x y Newbie

      hi - i wish to suggest the richfaces team to add different skins to rich faces distribution. changing just the color does not really make it a different skin imho. current skin (not skins) looks very sterile and practically useless outside development, perhaps intranets max. adding niceforms css might be a good addition. just my 2 cents.

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          I considered having my designer make me a custom skin to match the my layout.

          Currently this is not a priority because the components look professional as is.

          I would like to see an example of a custom skinning of richfaces components.

          If anyone has a example css, please post it or point me to a link.

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            Sergey Smirnov Master

            It is up to end developers to customize the skin to make the design suitable for the concrete project. Skin classes that you can override contain not only colors.

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              x y Newbie

              Sergey - I know it is highly customizable and I didn't say otherwise. I just it might be a good idea to add more "jazz", more options to it for better out of the box experience. I might be alone in this respect, but I don't know know and don't want to know a lot about design/color side of things and usually we write the functional side and designers apply design to it. However, I do solo projects on the side and I do not wish to hire a designer. Projects like Drupal, Wordpress illustrate my point nicely. There is a base application and there are lots of different skins for them so it is easier to deploy them without worrying about design too much. Just change the logo and you're 99% done. A design contest might be a good idea or just pay a designer for a month to convert Drupal's skins to Richfaces. Regards.

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                Sergey Smirnov Master

                We have 70+ components now. Even not all of them have visual representation, it is a still a huge amount of work (several weeks). How many people want it instead of the other required stuff from http://labs.jboss.com/wiki/RichFacesFuture ?

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                  Functionality first, then pretty skins.

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                    x y Newbie

                    iphone is not the most advanced phone out there but people line up to get it despite its lack of wifi, 3g, office compatibility, java, flash.. you name it. i think there is a lesson there. technology is not everything. delphi had 200+ components. where is it now?

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                      Sergey Smirnov Master

                      so, the score is 1:1

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                        marx3 Apprentice

                        better would be some tool to help design own skin. Now it's rather tedious: change properties, redeploy, change properties, redeploy etc.
                        Non-programmer can't easily do that. He has to have Eclipse+JBoss+database and need to learn how to deploy to design skin which is silly...
                        Skin is also divided: some colors are in properties, the rest sits in CSS.
                        Designer can't use only his CSS editor, he have to also mess with properties which no visual editor support.

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                          Florian Marwede Expert


                          Functionality first, then pretty skins.


                          First. Everything currently marked for 3.2.0

                          Second. For next version a couple of issues with high numbers on RichFacesFuture.

                          So put it on the list so we can see how many people will vote.

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                            Why is the future tracked in the wiki instead of jira?

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                              Sergey Smirnov Master


                              "supernovasoftware.com" wrote:
                              Why is the future tracked in the wiki instead of jira?

                              The same reason why "Most Important Links" page is on the forum, but not in the wiki. Just my stubborn personal preferences.

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                                Adi Katz Novice

                                IMO, Richfaces as of 3.1.4 has a respectable amount of functionality
                                and the visual aspect is lagging behind ... and looking a bit naive :-)

                                In some real world scenarios pretty is more important than extensive functionality. For many projects you will need only a subset of the
                                functionality but pretty looks will be a requirement.

                                My company lost more than one potential customer becuase our L&F was not
                                mature enough. This though is not related to Richfaces... which after all is GREAT.

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                                  Florian Marwede Expert

                                  Okay, I know what you wanna say, but my company needs 3.2.0 without bugs as fast as possible - and this is something I can't fix. Richfaces is open source but I'm not skilled enough in these technologies to do anything here - particularly do it faster than the RF team.

                                  Hey, but when a customer or somebody from our marketing says "The skin is not sexy enough" then give me two hours (or two days) and I give you a sexy skin. This is possible to do fast with the RF skinning and an own strict centralized css management.

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                                    Jose Miguel Loor Apprentice

                                    functionality first

                                    i think that hiring a visual designer and adapt that design to our project shouldn't be a deadly task

                                    specially with the org.richfaces.LoadStyleStrategy = NONE thing, you can start/add your L&F from zero

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