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    WYSIWYG html editor?

    Svend Frydenlund Newbie


      "SvendF" wrote:

      I'm looking for a CMS system that I can use for my climbing club. The idea is to allow a lot of non-html experts to act as content providers. I just tried out the Nukes 1.0 alpha version, but missed an editor where the user does not have to be an expert in HTML. Eg. some sort of WYSIWYG editor.

      It could be really usefull with a more user friendly editor when non html-experts are to add content and maintain a site. I am affraid that the current editor would scare off the people I would like to add content to the site.

      Are there any plans about developing an editor, that makes it easier for non experts to edit HTML, insert links, link to existing pages, insert pictures etc ?


      Svend Frydenlund