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    Installation help.  Followed directions exactly.

    bstadnik Newbie

      I'm a long time developer, but new to JBoss and Nukes. I'm evaluating this versus PHP-Nuke, Zope, et al. Here is what I've done so far.
      - Just found out about JBoss/Nukes from a friend.
      - Went to project home page. Read about it - sounds pretty cool.
      - In the middle of the page there is a "block" called downloads
      - Selected the nukes-1.0.0-mysql.zip because I have mysql set up on Linux and I don't want to screw around compiling sources
      - Download and unzip said file. Read install.txt find out I need JBoss.
      - Get it and install - no problems here.
      - Basically follow the rest of the readme: create nukes user, db, install jdbc driver, etc.
      - Fight with a nasty problem where JBoss can't connect to db because nukes user not allowed to connect from localhost.localdomain - resolved after several hours.
      - At this point the Readme says - "At this stage everything is configured"..."You can see nukes at the URL http://localhost:8080/" "there are two users created by default...to login and test".

      Ok, nothing seems to be happening at this point. Shouldn't I be seeing a splash screen and/or possibly a login? Please help I am at the end of a rope and about to give up. The log files don't seem to indicate any errors.

      Is there something I am missing?