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    JIRA picture of MC work for JBossAS5 beta3

    Adrian Brock Master

      This task:
      isn't giving the full picture to me.

      First, I don't think that finishing the JMX Decorator is really a requirement
      for the beta.

      It would be good to be able define your mbean using
      annotations and have mbeans/pojos show up in the JMX console even
      if they are on-demand (and not started).

      But these aren't blockers for the beta3 release.

      Even the link to the MetaDataRepository task is wrong,
      since the real blocking issue is not the testing (which is what is linked there)
      but some deployers work.
      i.e. allowing the deployers to take part in the definition of the scope
      of deployments and their components for JSR77

      The issues that are blockers for me (although not necessarily all MC related) are:

      1) Finishing integrating the new VFSClassLoader
      which is also related to this

      2) Defining a stable profile service api
      (link Scott?)

      3) And the deployer scope I described above
      (which didn't have a JIRA issue - I obviously overlooked it when I created
      the deployer TODOs because there was no TODO in the code :-)

      I also don't understand why JBoss5 beta3 is linking tasks from
      JBossMC 2RC1?
      For some reason JBossMC 2.0beta2 was released as 2.0beta3? :-)

      The idea was that the MC and AS would remain at the same release levels,
      i.e. we do a JBossMC 2.0 beta3 for JBoss5 beta3