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    aop-mc-int tests take too long

    Adrian Brock Master

      It is nice to have the different builds of the aop-mc-int tests
      but they take too long.

      Is there a way we can choose one set of the tests for the normal build
      with the other configurations optional?
      Or some way to disable all but one when doing a release?

      During the release process it wants to build and run the tests multiple times.
      Not including the normal build during manual preparation for the release:
      1) Test with the release profile mvn -Prelease install
      2) Dry run of the release mvn release:prepare -DdryRun=true
      3) Preparation of the release mvn release:prepare

      With the current tests in aop-mc-int this would take hours. And you
      can't pass -Daop.tests.skip to these plugins.

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          Paul Gier Master

          I changed the aop tests back to off by default and I updated the usage comments in the pom. I guess I could turn just one of the configurations on by default. And then that would run during a release.

          For now, I'll turn all the tests on in hudson, and then leave the other tests activatable using profiles.