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    Moving to CR1 releases of the MC projects

    Adrian Brock Master

      In an effort to try to get the codebase stable I want to move to more
      frequent releases of the betas with the codebase in an easy integratable state
      into JBossAS.

      If we think a beta is stable then we can move it to an CR1 meaning there
      will be no more new features (however minor), just bug fixes.

      So starting from this week, I'm going to be doing beta releases on Fridays
      of the MC projects if they have changes during the week.

      These are the main projects used by the AS that I'm responsbile for at the moment,
      i.e. not VFS, managed, reliance, OSGI

      With that in bind, JIRA needs updating with what we think will be done end of
      Thursday. Friday will be testing and bug fixing only until I've got the releases out. :-)

      I'll be spending most of my time testing and fixing the AS anyway.

      Anything that doesn't make it must be reverted and done again in the next week,
      so plan accordingly.
      (if we move to project to a CRx then I'll create a branch such that new
      development/features can continue in trunk).

      I'm hoping we can get to CRx/GA releases very quickly,
      hopefully within a couple of weeks?

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