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    Merged ClassInfo annotation view?

    Scott Stark Master

      Right now the default ManagedObjectFactory implementation looks to the class for the management annotations using the org.jboss.beans.info.spi.BeanInfo/ClassInfo spis. Do we have framework to augment the ClassInfo with annotation information from other sources, such as mc BeanMetaData?

      We need to be able to have annotation information described in the deployment, such as:

       <bean name="JNDIBasedSecurityRegistration"
       componentType=@ManagementComponent(type="MCBean", subtype="Security"))</annotation>
       <property name="policyRegistration"><inject bean="JBossSecurityPolicyRegistration" /></property>
       <property name="securityManagement"><inject bean="JNDIBasedSecurityManagement" /></property>

      show up in the ClassInfo, or change the management apis to accept a BeanInfo/ClassInfo so this information can be added via layers closer to the component deployers.

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