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    Serialization Compatibility Tests

    ryan.campbell Expert

      This is a discussion about http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBQA-536.

      I'd like to give some background for JBC developers to catch up on what we are trying to do.

      We would like to ensure backwards compatibility of serialized objects between two different versions of JBossCache. To do this, we have selected the SerialVersionUIDUnitTestCase from the JBossAS test suite as the basis for our test. SerializationUIDUTC compares the serialization UID's between a database of serialized classes (representing a previous version) and the current classes on the classpath. There is a utility in varia for creating the database for a given version.

      So the task is to create a derivative of SerializationUIDUTC which does the same for JBossCache.

      One outstanding question is should the test compare both explicit and implicit serialVersionUID's? Or just implict?

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