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    Urgent: Cannot create a new J2EE project with Eclipse IDE

    fredatwork Newbie


      I cannot create a new J2EE project with JBoss IDE under Eclipse 3.1.

      When I try to create a new J2EE 1.4 Project, I receive a failure and Eclipse says that the selected wizard cannot be started.

      The steps are the following:
      - I select the Eclipse File\New\Project... menu
      - I choose the JBoss-IDE/J2EE Projects/J2EE 1.4 Project type
      - I hit the next button.

      Then an error dialog appears with :
      - "Problem opening wizard" in the dialog title
      - Error message is :

      The selected wizard could not be started. Reason is :

      I migrated to Eclipse 3.1 and updated it with the latest Eclipse IDE release. The problem appeared since the migration. I had no problem with my previous Eclipse 3.1 M5 release and I've been using Eclipse IDE for a long time now.

      Any idea of what's going wrong ?