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    Unbound classpath container : 'Jboss EJB Libraries' in proje

    Paul Williams Newbie


      I built an app a couple of weeks ago using the trailblazer as a guide. Everything worked fine, debuging etc, and i finally deployed the app to my test server using JBoss 4.0.3 RC2

      Today, i have rebuilt a dev server reinstalling Eclipse 3.1, Jboss IDE and JBoss 4.0.3. I retrieved the project from cvs and all was fine other than EJB-Persistence.jar reference broken, and an unbound EJB 3 Library.

      I fixed the EJB-Persistence.jar file but the unbound problem remains. I deleted the reference to the library, and added the library again, pointing it to the JBoss AS install. However the unbound classpath container error continues.

      To ensure the Jboss instance is compatible, I did create a new test project and managed to compile and debug an example.

      Anybody had a similar problem?