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    Window > Preferences -> JBoss-IDE > Deployer.  Not present i

    fatbatman Novice


      I'm using Eclipse Version: 3.2.1, JBossIDE 2 Beta1, JBoss-4.0.4
      I'm new to the IDE.

      I have an existing eclipse project called WebAppProject that's a web application.

      I created a packaging configuration, that copies all the required files into WebAppProject/webapp.war. I called "Run packaging" and it did that.

      I now want to deploy webapp.war to the server. The IDE documentation (marked 1.5) says to do;

      Window > Preferences -> JBoss-IDE > Deployer

      but there is no Deployer option under JBoss-IDE, should there be?

      I tried to right click the project and webapp.war, then run on server but I got a "No launchable artifact could be found at that location".

      What should I do?

      Thanks in advance