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    JBossIDE 2.0.0Beta2 missing JBoss Launch configuration

    Kenan Dalley Newbie

      I'm trying to complete the tutorial with the latest jbosside bundle and I'm on step 10. The step says to open the Debug... configurations dialog and to select or create a new JBoss server configuration. The problem is that there are no JBoss server definitions that I can select to create a new configuration. All that I have are: Apache Tomcat, Eclipse Application, Equinox OSGi Framework, Generic Server, Generic Server (External Launch), Java Applet, Java Application, JBoss AOP Application, JUnit, JUnit Plug-in Test, Remote Java Application and SWT Application. That's it. Is there something that I'm missing? How do I get the JBoss 2.4.x, JBoss 3.0.x, JBoss 3.2.x, JBoss 4.0.x and JBoss Remote configuration definitions in my ide that are shown in the tutorial and are missing?