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    How to deploy an EJB3.0 project using JBossIDE 2.0.0Beta2

    jobster Newbie

      I created a EJB3 project (Project -> EJB3.0 -> EJB3.0 Project) and a Server Profile using the JBoss Inc Template. Everything works so far (Start/stop the server from the server view, create a few EJB's).

      I couldn't find a way to deploy my project to the configured server. The old style "run on server" method doesn't seem to work with the new style server profiles.

      I tried to add my project to the server profile (right click on the server in the JBoss Server View tab -> Add and remove projects) but it tells me "There are no projects that can be added or removed from the server" in a MsgBox.

      Any suggestions ?