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    Problem on Mac OS X Tiger with Tools 2.0.0 and JBAS 4.2.2

    Frank Neumann Newbie

      I did a blank install of JBoss Tools 2.0.0.GA with a blank Eclipse EE installation. I downloaded JBAS 4.2.2, unzipped and created a server inside Eclipse.

      When I start it, it switches to the console and shows the output as expected, but when it finishes the startup sequence, eclipse does not automatically switch back to the servers view. When i switch back manually, it is still saying "starting" for JBAS 4.2.2.

      When i do all this for a JBAS 5.0.0.Beta2, the end of the startup sequence is recognized by JBoss Tools, it switches back to the servers view and it says "started".

      What am I doing wrong? Any suggestions?