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    file extension .jsf ? instead of .jsp and .xhtml

    Antoine Herzog Master


      I have seen nothing about that in any doc, tuto, etc...

      Philosophical question : why the JSF files have the .jsp extension ?
      or the .xhtml ?

      they are not xhtml
      they are not anymore jsp

      in all the tutorials or doc I have seen, for configuring jsf on jboss, all the config samples leads you to : "you put .jsp... and you'll run with jsp"
      and idem with xhtml.

      well, I wonder why ?
      I would like to have JSF file with .jsf extension...
      or know the reason behing this amazing thing...

      Practical question : Config of JBoss Tools to set .jsf extension for the JSF files ?

      I have configured my JBoss Tools and JBoss Portal 2.6.4 with JSF, RichFaces... to use jsf files.
      works nice.

      but in JBoss Tools :
      - the jsf files are recognized for global editor features : without the toolTips, the code completion, the drag and drop of new components...
      - I have found nothing to define the extention of the jsf files

      => is there a way to configure JBoss Tools to have the JSF files with .jsf extension ? and so JBoss Tools runs with full features...

      even if someone knows how to do that cleanly by changing things directly in the xml descriptor files of the pluggin...