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    JBoss Tolls HTML editor - where did the source and visual ta

    Henrik Rathje Newbie

      I've just updated to JBDS 1.1.0.GA which uses JBoss Tools 2.1.2.GA

      Now when I open a xhtml file with the JBoss Tools HTML editor, the only tabs available are: "Visual/Source" and "Preview"

      Where did the "pure" Source and "pure" Visual tabs go??..

      I almost never use the visual tab, and yes, I could minimize the Visual part in the Visual/Source tab, but that setting is not remembered the next time I open the file, and it is a pain to use it this way, having to minimize the Visual part every time I open a xhtml file :-( :-(

      Is this absence of the 2 tabs "Visual" and "Source" intended?.. if yes: WHY???