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    VPE facelets ui:composition

    Mark Rosenthal Newbie

      From the Facelets UI Tag Reference:

      The UI Composition tag is a templating tag that wraps content to be included in another Facelet. Any content outside of the UI Composition tag will be ignored by the Facelets view handler. Any content inside of the UI Composition tag will be included when another Facelets page includes the page containing this UI Composition tag. See also ui:include.

      In VPE, content outside of the ui:composition tag is getting included.
      For example:

      <ui:composition template="template.xhtml">
       <ui:define name="navigation">
       <ui:include src="menu.xhtml"/>

      The relevant parts of menu.xhtml are:

      This text should be ignored
       <h3>Contents table</h3>

      At runtime "This text should be ignored" does not appear. It shows up in VPE.