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    Server list empty in eclipse, cannot debug!

    paolo russian Newbie

      hello I run ganymede + jboss 5 up to date
      I reinstalled a seam project from a damaged disk where there was ganymede and jboss 4.3
      I'm stuck in developement since I can add and run jboss from eclipse server's view, but unfortunately I cannot add a new "debug configuration" or "run configuration" to launch my project with since there are no servers selectable in the list. The list is actually empty :(
      I need to debug my application in broadcast mode (-b and ther's no way I can set this parameter from within eclipse server view. I badly need back jboss in launch configuration. What do I miss?
      I have all the jboss tools things installed but nothing changed apart having tje jboss server view (only lists the ports in use, but sitll empty run config listbox)


      Screenshot here...