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    Seam validation issues

    Phil Haigh Novice


      I am using JBDS v2.

      The Seam support is great, but there seem to be a reasonable number of flaws in the validation. To list a few:

      ERROR: Duplicate variable name when using @DataModel and @Factory:

      public ArrayList bookingsForApproval;

      public void findBookingsForApproval()
      bookingsForApproval = new ArrayList(forApprovalBookings.getResultList());

      WARNING: "0" cannot be resolved in #{featuredFeedback.resultList[0]}

      WARNING: components declared in components.xml cannot be resolved. This includes entityManager (i.e. @In EntityManager entityManager gives a warning), identity and a number of central components, as well as user-specified components.

      WARNING: pages.xml validation
      #{s:hasRole('blah'} gives 2 warnings, one that s cannot be resolved and another that hasRole can't be resolved
      All actions such as: #{webpageHome.setId(15)} give validation warnings - seems it doesn't like method expressions.

      The project runs fine ignoring these errors, but it's irritating that genuine problems can be masked by these.

      Any chance of fixes?