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    Strange deployment with rar files instead of jar files.

    Tommy Key Newbie

      I have clean Eclipse 3.5 with latest JBoss Tools 3.1 install. I've opened our Seam project and deployment (JBoss 4.2.3GA) failed. The same code from the same repository still works fine on Eclipse 3.4 and stable JBoss Tools.

      In both configurations solution builds fine and reports no errors. Trouble begins with deployment. I have NoClassDefFoundError. I've investigated it and I realised that deployment with Tools 3.1 deployed some JAR files... as RAR files. That's strange, as I even don't know how to create RAR failes, I didn't change any project setup or anything else. As I see directory comparision it seems to me that Tools just renamed JAR files to RAR files by mistake. Take a look at this screenshot: left is E3.5 with Tools 3.1, right is old stable deployment:


      Do you have any hints what have I done wrong or what's wrong with Tools 3.1? It's very urgent, thanks in advance.