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    3.2.0 : Script files loading strategy / new files ?

    Antoine Herzog Master


      this feature of Script files loading strategy is great.

      In a portlet and portal, it allow to load scripts only once.

      with 3.2.0 : If I set to DEFAULT, the <rich:datascroller> works.

      if I put NONE, and set the script in the jboss-portlet.xml (injection in the header), then the <rich:datascroller> do not work.

      This NONE option is explained in the WikiJBPBRichFaces : http://labs.jboss.com/wiki/WikiJBPBRichFaces

      I have put the two files : framework.pack.js and ui.pack.js, in the web content folders.
      The new ones. The one taken from the richFaces 3.2.0 lib jar.

      => questions :
      - which script files must be set in the header of the portal page ?
      - idem for the styles xcss files ? some new files have appeared in 3.2.0 ?
      - update the wiki of configuration of the jboss portlet bridge ?
      - make a jira for that ?