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    dataTable decoding large result sets... poor performance

    Miguel Angel García Grande Newbie

      Hello all,

      I'm developing a JSF page with just a rich:dataTable (plus rich:dataScroller for pagination) component and an h:inputText together with a4j:support that handles "onkeyup" event so that the dataTable refreshes its content via Ajax (the inputText component's content is used as a filter to the dataTable).

      The point is that during the Ajax request, dataTable's decode phase iterates over its whole result set (whatever you assign in its "value" attribute), not just the ones it's showing.

      If I have no filter (the inputText is empty) it has to iterate over 15000 registers, so it's really slow (20 seconds or so to process Ajax request). If I write something into the inputText, the Ajax request is faster because the result set is quite smaller.

      Is there any way to avoid dataTable's decode phase? I mean, I just use is to "show information", not to edit it, so I need no "decode" of dataTable's value...

      Is it possible? Is there any other solution?

      Thanks in advance!