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    Just want to create Hello World jboss-4.0.1 Web Service

    Mark Easton Newbie

      Trouble is that I have been reading this forum all day and reading various tutorials and getting more and more confused. e.g.


      So I am working through this tutorial now and I see it is dated September 2004. It states that I need to install axis.jar but I am not sure what version to get and whether I already have that in JBoss or not ...

      Also the tutorial looks very very complex. So, yes I am a bit of a newbie, but I did not think the task of creating a basic web service would be so complex. The problem is trying to wade through everything and know that it relates to the latest release of JBoss. I also have MyEclipse and have the JBoss IDE.

      Anyway, I have got nowhere today and am wondering where to go next. I have seen a few similar Emails on this forum so I guess there are no hard and fast answers, as the answers to those Emails have aso been inconclusive.

      For instance I also have the crimeportal example talked about in this forum set-up but then I read about issues with DTD and other things when reading other tutorials so I am unsure what to do with it. How do I get it deployed onto JBoss-4.0.1?

      Anyway, it is very hard and I guess I wanted to put my hand up and hoe for some enlightenment. I have to get this working so I will keep working on it until I do.