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    Need example of EJB Endpoint Doc/Lit and Standalone Client t

    Scott Jones Newbie

      I have been trying to get an example of the following and can not get the stars to align and work.

      We need the following
      1. An EJB (HelloWorld) that takes a complex object and returns a complex object
      2. The wscompile build script that builds the ejb and wsdl
      3. Client build scripts that consums the wsdl (wscompile) and gen's the client stubs
      4. Client side test code that hits the ejb

      We are trying to switch to JBoss 4.0 but I can not seem to get a working example of Doc/Literal web service base off an ejb. I have a RPC Encoded working but that is the same as 3.2.XX JBoss.net

      Any help would be great