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The short: All forums will be moving to forums on February 1st 2012. All bookmarks and RSS feeds will need to be updated after the migration. The migration will happen at 1300 UTC (1 PM). 


The longer version:  We have been looking at doing this migration for some time now, and thought we had everything ready back in November. Fortunately it didn't happen in November. We found a somewhat large hole just after the planned migration in November. We will be putting in place a ServletFilter to handle redirects to the forums which should redirect you to the new thread location (note, unfortunately it will not navigate to the actual post, but the start of the thread). All RSS feeds will need to get the new location after the move. Email notifications will probably not occur until you set them up again.


Users will be matched up based on their email address. If you have a user at with the same email address as your user they will be combined and posts will be associated with your username. Users who do not have a user will have one created for them with the email address that was used at and posts will be attributed to that user.  The Seam Team feels there will be better synergy and also more people willing to help out with problems once the forums are migrated. There will potentially be more people looking at forum posts as many other JBoss projects have their forums hosted here as well. We hope for a quick and painless migration. The scheduled window of downtime starts at 1300 UTC and is scheduled to end at 1700 UTC (5 PM). We hope it does not take that long however. Thank you for your patience. 


This information was posted to the mailing lists about a week ago.