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Seam 3 Examples

Posted by lightguard Feb 24, 2012

Hey everyone, recently (and also not so recently) we've had requests for Seam 3 examples outside the ones that exist in the Seam 3 distrubtion, which admitedly aren't very comprehensive. I'd like to list a few examples that have come to my attention over the past few weeks in hopes that they will help people looking for Seam 3 examples and tutorials.



I'm sure there may be others out there we're not aware of, if you have an example you think others may benefit from seeing / exploring, please leave a comment!


Great CDI tutorial

Posted by lightguard Feb 23, 2012

I came across a very well written and thorough tutorial about the basics of dependency injection using CDI the other day. The tutorial doesn't go into detail about scopes, interceptors, decorators, or extensions. Rick Hightower (the author) does an amazing job at describing, explaining and demonstrating (with real code you can download and run yourself) explaining @Inject, qualifiers, alternatives and producers. There is also another tutorial he has written to explain interceptors. I'd love to see more tutorials covering decorators, scopes, events and extensions.


Excellent job Rick! I hope to see more, and also would like to extend the invitation to contribute the tutorials to DeltaSpike as some introductory material about CDI.