JBoss World Las Vegas will take place June 12-15 at the RIO hotel




If you haven't reserved your pass, do so and do so quickly. It is going to be a special event for all of us. I truly believe it will have that "one time" feel to it. Expect some serious work time and some very serious play time. I know it is going to be a great event and I am personally very excited about it.


On business side we have grown tremendously in the past year. We made promises at the inaugural JBoss World Atlanta a year ago and we have delivered on them, most notable JBoss ON, the Operations Network. As a combined entity with RedHat, (with an expected closing in the next few weeks) we will be in a position to talk more about our integration plans. As a combined entity RedHat and JBoss will transform the infrastructure software industry in the coming months and years. We also have a few blockbuster announcements, but shhhh. You want to be there to hear about it first!


We have a very strong showing of partners. I want to thank HP and Unisys for their renewed premier sponsorships of the event. We have expanded our relationships with both companies during the past year and will be covering some of that. The business of Open Source is expanding and you will also get to see some of the more exciting startups in the open source field have a strong presence as sponsors of the event. JBoss is expanding its programs to enable our ISV partners. JEMS is a standard platform for modern SOA applications and we are committed to making our partners successful.


Last but not least Microsoft Corp, will be joining us at JBoss World Las Vegas. After the news of the acquisition, MSFT wanted to sponsor JBoss World Las Vegas. They will be sponsoring an XBOX 360 LOUNGE at the show.


See, I got a bad gaming addiction. We will have 3 screens and 3 machines in the XBoss lounge. I will take ON any wannabees in the audience in Need For Speed, Madden, FightNight or Call of Duty. Yeeeees you beat me at the Rubik's Cube last year, but can you beat me at Need For Speed? I don't think so!


Naturally, the program is also very tech heavy, as our pipe of products is full. JBossWorld LV will be particularly interesting from a product standpoint this year. As we continue working towards building out our SOA platform, you will get to see all of our technical and product roadmaps and interact on a one-on-one basis with our lead developers. Of course all of our superstar line-up will be there, including Gavin in his red velvet jacket and Mark Proctor in his “steroid” shirt, you can't miss them.


BTW, as an "observer" of what goes on in our "Technical Board of Directors" (called TBoD), let me tell you that I was taken aback recently by the sheer volume of innovation and products coming out. We are blowing it out in terms of tech this year. I will probably need to attend sessions, when not playing the XBOX, just to catch up on everything that is going on in this company.


There are many presentations done by our community as well. We had MANY last year and they were VERY well received. So this year we repeat and we will big it up with the Innovations Awards. I covered the fun I had reviewing them in a separate blog already. I believe that some of the highlights of the show will be right there with our customers talking about what they have done with JBoss technology. Pretty fancy implementations from high-end clustering environments, clever applications, to some head-turning ROI stories.


Like I said, not only is it going to be a one time event for our company, but hell... it's Vegas, baby! You don't want to miss my "Elvis" impersonation (filmed yesterday) and I hope to see you there.


Remember we love you,