Many people asked me when Seam 2 finally supports JSF2. And I am still answering it is in process. I feel ashamed that I have still the same answer. So I decide to blog about it a little.


First Seam 2.2.1.Final is the latest release and it runs with JSF2 with a few limitations. Biggest issue is that JSF2 incorporates jsf-facelets in different packages than it was for jsf-facelets 1.1.x. Seam UI is integrated with 1.1.x and therefore there are similar issues like JBSEAM-4637. This can't be resolved without a hack or providing Seam UI for JSF 1.2 and JSF 2 simultaneously. At the same time Seam 2 is _almost_ complete with its functional feature set. The real development lies in Seam 3 and Java EE 6.


Although the most user wanted missing feature in Seam2 is full maven support. And that goes hand in hand with more modern and flexible way of build system, which should give us an advance in solving also JSF2 support.


I multiple times wrote in Forum comments on, I am in the middle of transformation to Maven build system. You can track this effort on my personal github repository and not only monitor it, but also contribute and fork it and send pull requests if you want to get speed up with the development.


Because  I am also paid by Red Hat for our enterprise offering in Enterprise Application Platforn and Web Framework Kit, I have to divide my working time between my priority duties EAP/WFK and secondary in community Seam2 project.


Right now I and Martin Genčúr is migrating examples into maven structure. Registration example is done and very soon will be done also Blog example. They can be taken as a pattern for other existing examples, which are now only copied from SVN to github repository.


My plan is after finishing important examples to maven,  release 2.3.0-Alpha. Then support for JSF2 will be added.


Stay tuned!