We've been doing a lot around Cloud lately, both as a middleware team and throughout the company. I believe that we have the best teams and software to deliver on the vision of Cloud (as well as actually defining that vision, which is still very much in a state of flux). However, the definition of Cloud today is likely to look very different to the definition of Cloud in a few years time, so we need to continually be looking ahead and researching those new frontiers. So it's with a lot of pleasure that I can announce we've teamed up with the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, a centre of Cloud excellence as well as fault tolerant distributed computing. Over the years I've worked at the University as well as with them through a number of companies, including Bluestone and Hewlett Packard. They are second to none in their fields of expertise and I'm certain that the combination of Red Hat/JBoss with Newcastle University will yield fantastic results!


Footnote: I'd like to thank everyone involved in making this happen, too many to mention them all but including Brian Stevens, Carl Trieloff, Professor Paul Watson, Professor Santosh Shrivastava and Barry Hodgson.