I mentioned earlier this month that we were going to be starting JUDCon (an event "by developers and for developers"). Well we've managed to pull everything together and the community pages for JUDCon just went live today!


Take a look at the two tracks we have defined so far (a third, which the community can help to fashion, is TBD so start submitting preferences). We've got people like Jason Greene (JBossAS lead), Pete Muir (Seam and Weld) and Bill Burke (RESTeasy) talking on the Application Server Track, and Bob McWhirter (JBoss Cloud and TorqueBox), Manik Surtani (Infinispan) and Thomas Heute (Portal) talking on the Cloud/Portal track. These presentations will be interactive and technical, so if you come you should expect to be educated and entertained in equal measure. We've also got two Hackfests that will run after the sessions and go through to the early hours of the following morning. (More details on them in the coming weeks.)


If you're a developer or someone who wants to know how the things you use work and are considering attending JBoss World or Red Hat Summit, then you should definitely consider coming a day early and attending JUDCon. If you want to present at the event then submit those ideas and once voting begins make sure to vote for your session(s). And lastly, don't forget to register for the event!