I'm just back from JBossWorld and JUDcon. Individually they were each fantastic events, with JUDCon proving to be the premier event for JBoss developers and JBossWorld the place to find out where the products are heading. But this year things were slightly different and I hinted at this a few days before the event: this time we showed everyone where the future lies for middleware in general and JBoss in particular.


I could go into details in this blog entry, but thanks to Max, Pete and others we have an unofficial video of my keynote that drives the message home. (What's that they say about pictures and a thousand words?) There will be an official recording soon and I'll update this blog when that's out. However, in the meantime I recommend that you shut off your email client, turn your phone onto silent, grab a tea or coffee, and take the time to watch not only the best keynote this year, but probably the best keynote ever at JBossWorld (as voted by people who have been with JBoss a lot longer than I!)


When you're finished let us know what you think and come back here to find out more details of what we have planned. The next few months and years are going to be a great time for R&D at JBoss. Get involved: there's a lot to do and it'll be fun!


Finally we will be running a series of articles, asylum podcasts etc. to cover in detail the demonstration that you'll see in the video. So much went into it that we simply could not cover in the time. If you want to know more then we will show you everything! And my thanks to the team, including Kevin, Manik, Mike, Sanne, Jason, Pete, Ales, Emmanuel, Jay, Wesley, Burr, Christian, Mircea, for their work on the demo and making concrete some of the things I've been talking and thinking about for years. We have such a high concentration of the best talent in the industry at JBoss!


So remember: JBoss Everywhere!! (And thanks to Bob for giving a succinct name to what I could only describe in pages of text!)