I mentioned earlier about presenting at a couple of JBUGs this week. Fortunately both presentations were on the same subject: where next for JBoss. Both events were packed. I'm not sure of the exact make-up of the audience in London (and thanks to Atos for hosting!), but in Newcastle we had people from the University as well as several local companies, all either existing users of our projects or considering using them. In Newcastle we managed to duplicate the keynote demonstration too, though this time without the mobile device UIs that we showed in Boston. It went very smoothly! There were some good questions too around some of the underlying aims behind JBossEverywhere and hopefully I persuaded some of the new attendees to come back to future events.


At the London event I didn't have the luxury of the hardware we used for the demo, so instead I took a copy of the official video. Again it was a packed room, with a number of JBoss/Red Hat people there including Manik Surtani (who was wearing almost exactly the same outfit as he did in Boston!) So once I ran through the slides, we watched the video and I took questions again. Some of the key concepts seemed to resonate with folks, although there were specific questions around Cloud and how it relates: as I tried to say in the video, I think this is the future of Cloud, so our current strategy with efforts such as OpenShift are complimentary. Plus as I pointed out during the talk, it's good to have a vision to catalyse people and focus their efforts.


I enjoyed presenting at both events. It was good to hear comments and suggestions. I know that this theme is something that I'll be focussing on quite a bit for the rest of this year, with several presentations already submitted to a variety of conferences and workshops. And maybe other JBUGs if there's interest!