Over a decade ago JBoss Inc was formed and back then the company was synonymous with J2EE and the JBoss Application Server. By 2006 and the Red Hat acquisition of JBoss we'd grown the projects to include Drools, jBPM, JBossESB, JBoss Portal and many others, but the predominate association of the term JBoss remained with Java Enterprise Edition and the application server. Over the last 8 years, however, Red Hat has grown the JBoss pantheon of projects and products significantly, so now it includes MRG-M, Data Virtualisation (through the acquisition of MetaMatrix), Fuse including A-MQ (through the acquisition of FuseSource and the associated projects), BPM (through the acquisition of Polymita and the work of our homegrown Drools and jBPM teams), BRMS (great vision and work by the expanded Drools team), mobile (with AeroGear, HTML5 and Objective-C), and other non-Java language support including JRuby, Clojure and Ceylon (putting Red Hat amongst the likes of Google and Apple pushing the frontiers of language development). Today in 2014, more than a decade since the term JBoss was first coined, it means so much more than Java let alone Java Enterprise Edition. Who knows what more it will mean in another decade?! Onward!