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FeedHenry meets JBoss

Posted by marklittle Sep 18, 2014

I've done a few acquisitions over the years along with this kind of blog post welcoming the new team to the fold. It's with great pleasure that I can do it again and this time for FeedHenry. The official press release can be located here, but I want to be more personal than that. We've been working in the area of mobile and backend-as-a-service for a while now, with the AeroGear and LiveOak projects. FeedHenry compliments them (and vice versa) as well as offering the opportunity to make the collective an even more compelling developer and deployer experience for our customers and communities - especially when you factor in OpenShift and xPaaS! The technology that we've acquired is wonderful, but let's not forget their (our) team: from what I've seen over the past few months they are as passionate about their work as we are within JBoss and Red Hat, so that should be a good meeting of minds. The challenges of working remotely are something we have met and bettered here for many years, so I'm not worried that the FeedHenry team is located in one place and the rest of the teams are dotted around the globe.


Now of course the fact that FeedHenry uses Node.js (and Java) within their offerings gives us another opportunity: exploring the Node.js developer landscape in more depth and seeing how we can bring some of our enterprise capabilities to the fore. I expect projects such as Vert.x and Nodyn to play a critical role here. All of the teams involved in the integration and forward development of the JBoss/FeedHenry combination will have ample opportunities to learn from each other and benefit from individual and shared experiences. So don't worry that the acquisition of a company that uses Node.js means we're ditching Java because nothing could be further from the truth. We are a polyglot company and this acquisition bolsters that story!



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