• Email to Potential Owners of a Task

    Hi All,   How can we send email notifications to the Potential Owners of a task ?   The intention here is to send email notification to Potential Owners of a task informing that the task is pending with th...
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    created by Jishnu R
  • Teiid spring boot exposing OData and also other rest controllers

    Hi,   I want to expose OData4 in my microservice, and also expose other endpoints which doesn't related to OData(for example - Spring boot actuator endpoints like health check) I defined server.context-path: /a...
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    last modified by Tamar Meron
  • JNDI lookups are failing on remote node in infinispan cluster

    We have a cluster of two nodes using Infinispan 9.3 with WF 14. When a change occurs to a cached value on node 1, node 2 begins executing the entry processor for the given key and that logic requires some JNDI lookups...
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    created by David D
  • JBPM Workbench & Maven

    Hi   Does anyone have some guidelines on how best to integrate workbench with automated build & deploy tools like Jenkins & Maven ? I'd like to automate building of workbench commits & have the arte...
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    created by Mick Morgan
  • ModuleNotFound Exception in Wildfly 14

    Hi ,   I am trying to migrate my application from JBoss 6.4 to Wildfly 14 . In the deployement structure xml file  , i am able to find the module dependencies of 'org.jboss.common-core' , 'org.jboss.sasl' ...
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    last modified by Mukul S
  • Request problem between 2 components during Wildfly 15 startup

    Hi,   I'm using Wildfly 15.0.0.Final. I have 2 components in a server-group, let's call them controller and client   The client component depends on the controller. During the deployment of client it makes...
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    last modified by Rafa XXX
  • Ear deployment fails in Jboss7

    @ I try to deploy a ear file in Jboss 7 and it has the ejb jar inside it. The application.xml file has entry on the ejb jar and getting the following error when deploying the ear. Copied the ear inside the deployment...
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    last modified by Joe T
  • Kerberos end-to-end authentication

    We would like to have client kerberos principal (coming from active directory) authenticate through the complete call chain which consists   client application (http, SPNEGO) ->webservice(frontend jboss insta...
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    last modified by bklotz
  • Ear deployment in Wildfly15 fails

    I try to deploy an ear file which contains a ejb jar and other utility jars and when i try to deploy the ear the ejb interfaces are not visible and deployment fails. i try to add the dependent deployment jar in ...
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    created by Joe T
  • Is there a way for Keycloak, acting as a SAML IDP broker, to pass all roles through to the client without setting up mappers?

    We've recently moved from Picketlink to Keycloak, and we want to use Keycloak as a SAML broker to a third party IDP. Our third party IDP passes through User Groups as Role attributes and we want these to come through ...
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    created by Carl Bevin
  • Multiple JTA Datasources in JBoss 7. Is it allowed?

    I once read that multiple JTA datasources are not allowed. Can anyone please confirm if what I remember is right? I can't find any documentation that says this anymore. Reason is we are currently trying to add another...
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    last modified by Emerson Sanchez
  • TLS and Client Cert Authentication

    Our application is a Java webservice which was deployed on JBoss Enterprise Application Platform - Version 6.2.0.GA on our existing servers. On the new AWS servers we deployed our application on WildFly 14.0.1.Final.&...
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    last modified by Leena Madala
  • Elytron Client with database identity store

    I am trying to migrate an application with WildFly 11.0.0.Final to WildFly 15.0.1.Final. I cannot get through the Authentication, which is based on Database-identity-store. I have a few users in DB and among them, one...
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    last modified by Szymon K
  • Wildfly 10, single sign on, logout issue

    Morning,   We have an application deployed as an EAR file with 2 WAR files.  We have turned on "single-sign-on" in the undertow subsystem for Wildfly 10.   When a user has logged into the application ...
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    last modified by Cory Dahlstrom
  • Infinispan: Why are my EntryProcessor's being serialized in 9.3? Why weren't they in 8.2?

    In our application, we were using infinispan 8.2 and started running our app in a clustered environment, beginning testing with 2 nodes. This appeared to work ok and we updated to WF 14 and tried using infinispan 9.3...
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    created by David D
  • serialVersionUID does not match error following WildFly 10 to WildFly 14 upgrade

    The software developers that I work with have run into an issue with EJB/Hibernate requests that contain full entities following the upgrade from WildFly 10 to WildFly 14.  I realize this is a large jump in versi...
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    created by Joseph Pugh
  • Hibernate L2 Invalidation Cache and GC

    Hello,   We are testing Infinispan as a L2 Hibernate Cache in SYNC Invalidation mode. Using version 8.2.4 and hibernate version 5.1.17. We start a two node cluster. testbox01 and testbox02. The following is our ...
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    last modified by Tarek Hammoud
  • Arquillian + Warp exception in arquillianBeforeTest

    I am trying to replace JSFUnit that no longer works with latest arqullian with Warp in my project to browse to an URL and inspect a session. So far no luck. Here's my setup.   Dependecy Management     ...
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    last modified by Martin Varga
  • HA DataSource Wildfly 9, JDBC PSQL 9.3 Clustered/Replicated Database

    I have a clustered PostgreSQL database ( 3 x Databases) with automated failover. When I fail the primary, the secondary automatically assumes the master role. However My Wildfly 9 (in full-ha configuration) does not s...
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    last modified by Brett Hanekom
  • GSoC 2019 Ideas

    The JBoss Community is planning to participate in Google Summer of Code in 2019.   All students & developers are welcome to participate in the Google Summer of Code 2019 program with the JBoss Community (once...
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    last modified by Heiko Rupp