• STM in Quarkus

    Hi there,   Here are some quick comments based on my reading of https://quarkus.io/guides/stm-guide   It's a bit unfortunate that the STM engine uses @Transactional (org.jboss.stm.annotations.Transactiona...
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    last modified by Emmanuel Bernard
  • Possible file handle leak in WildFly 12+

    Hi All,   I am trying to identify if behaviour that I am observing is correct or if WildFly is leaking file handle descriptors.   During our standard performance testing after upgrading from WildFly 11 to ...
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    last modified by Gareth Wilson
  • Update Infinispan installations on Linux

    Hello, I didn´t find any chapter in the documentation how to perform an update / upgrade to a newer release with zero downtime or downtime. Can anybody describe the process to me and what are the pitfalls?
  • WildFly 18 EJB Thread Pool Configuration Improvement

    WildFly 18 was successfully released in October, 2019.  Among many features and improvements implemented in this release is more fine-grained configuration of ejb3 subsystem thread pool.  In this blog post, ...
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    created by Cheng Fang
  • Cannot prevent wildfly from creating log file

    Hi All,   I try to prevent creating log files. My logging.properties is as below:   Note this file has been generated and will be overwritten if a # logging subsystem has been defined in the XML configur...
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    last modified by oğuz karakuş
  • Override JdbcRealmIdentity to pass custom principal name

    Hi, I am working on application to migrate from picketbox to Elytron security. We have a custom principal name with "username:sessionId". I need to override principal.getName() that we pass to JdbcRealmIdentity to pa...
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    last modified by Jeevan Yogaraj
  • Distributed application on JBoss EAP 7.1 loses Session attributes

    Our Spring MVC project is running on JBoss EAP 7.1 with remote caching to DataGrid 7.2. We have observed occasional instances of Session Attributes not being found.   Logging shows entries like: 2019-10-11 16:13...
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    last modified by Peter Thorson
  • WildFly Elytron - Blog Posts

    The WildFly 11 release includes a new security framework WildFly Elytron, a number of blog posts are being written by a number of engineers so this article is to try and collect references to them in one location. ...
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    last modified by Farah Juma
  • Wildfly 18.0.0 Final Application deployment

    Hi Guys,   I started using the latest wildfly version 18.0.0 Final (migrating from wildfly 13.0.0 and 17.0.0 Final) I am using a JSF based web application. I package my application as a .war file. When i deplo...
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    last modified by Naveen M
  • Byteman stops working when there are more than 3 JSF applications deployed to JBoss

    Hi,   My byteman script works when there is one application with JSF 1.2 deployed to JBoss, I can see the logging. However, customer told me that the scripts work up to 3 different JSF applications were deployed...
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    last modified by Lei Yu
  • Use GenericHeaderAuthenticationMechanism

    Hi,   I see that in Jboss 7, the undertow core module provide an implementation of the GenericHeaderAuthenticationMecanism that is similar to the org.jboss.as.web.security.GenericHeaderAuthenticator used in Jbos...
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    last modified by SECHAO Thierry
  • jboss.as mbean not found after add remote JVM arguments to jboss

    I am new to JMX. I have configured the jboss AS 7.0 for remote access by passing the arguments to JVM. I am able to access it. But the problem is, when I added the JVM arguments I am unable to see some of the mbeans l...
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    last modified by vel raj
  • JBPM Designer without Uberfire?

    Hello,   I would like to integrate the JBPM Designer Web BPMN2 Editor into an application that already has its own menus, views and workbench manager.   We would like to use only the BPMN2 Editor. So, we d...
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    last modified by Cristiano Gavião
  • @Traced annotation questions

    Hi, I'm not understanding how to add @Traced annotations and get them to work in Wildfly 17. If there's another, more appropriate, forum to post this please let me know!  I added this to my `pom.xml` ``` ...
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    last modified by Monty Zukowski
  • Intercept java.lang.Class#getAnnotation

    Hi all,   I'm trying to use Byteman to check whether annotations are read. This is my rule:   RULE check annotation is not read at runtime CLASS java.lang.Class METHOD getAnnotation IF true DO THROW new or...
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    last modified by Fabio Massimo Ercoli
  • 2019 日本 JBoss ユーザ・グループ勉強会

    ご無沙汰しています。日本 JBoss ユーザ・グループ サブリーダーの小林です。   今年あたり、久しぶりに勉強会を開こうと思うのですが、セッション、LT発表希望者募集します!   「JBoss」が何のくくりを表すか曖昧な今日この頃ですが、Wildfly でも Quarkus でも Drools でも、それっぽければなんでもいい、ということで!   とりあえず発表希望者は気軽に返信ください!
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    last modified by Toshiya Kobayashi
  • NullPointerException: org.wildfly.extension.microprofile.metrics.MetricCollector

    Used WildFly: 17.0.1.Final   1. Steps to reproduce: Start WildFly 2. Deploy simple WAR with an Entity (in my case"MyEntity"), a web.xml and persistence.xml. 3. Access metrics using *hostname*:9990/metrics ...
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    last modified by Timon Zilles
  • Problems with a filter-spec in Wildfly 15

    Is anyone aware of an issue with the filter-spec on a category in Wildfly 15?   Basically the problem is that a filter-spec like this doesn't appear to be doing any filtering...   match("Connection") ...
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    last modified by Dave Gannon
  • Deployment Order on Wildfly 11

    Hello,   The jboss-all.xml defines an order or a set of dependencies ? I.e if you have jboss-all.xml on the WEB-INF folder of app1.war, and you define app2.war as a dependecy are you stating :   1. Assure...
  • CacheListerer : identify node that has updated an entry

    Hi,   I begin with infinispan, and I don't understand well the meaning of TransactionalEvent.isOriginLocal() getter method :   I've set a configuration for an distributed infinispan cache DIST_SYNC, with ...
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    last modified by Xavier Marquis