• Teiid Spring Boot - JDBC connection?

    Hi Guys, After implementing a solution that has worked for us for a bit more than a year using Teiid Designer & Teiid on wildfly, I am thinking about updating said application. I am inclined to go with the Teiid...
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    last modified by Mathieu Rampant
  • Keycloak8/Wildfly17 behind nginx reverse-proxy: standalone.xml config questions?

    I'm setting up a 1st keycloak v8/head instance. It bundles WildFly 17 et al     egrep -i "<wildfly\.[a-z].*\.version>" kerycloak/pom.xml         <wildfly.ve...
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  • Fixes for Security Vulnerabilities in Wildfly 15.0.1

    Hello We are using Wildfly 15.0.1 and while looking at ways to harden security, we came across a few vulnerabilities that affect Wildfly. Details are given below:   https://www.cvedetails.com/cve/CVE-2019-3894...
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    created by Ram Natarajan
  • Can't init Infinispan EmbeddedCacheManager with JBOSS EAP 7.2

    When I try to init cachemanager with this   final DefaultCacheManager defaultCacheManager = new DefaultCacheManager();  I receive this error:   'java.lang.ClassNotFoundException' exception.   As...
  • Wildfly 10.1.0.Final threads stuck in infinite loop

    Hi,   We've been facing issues after recently upgrading to Wildfly 10.1.0.Final with threads randomly getting stuck in an infinite loop while writing JSP responses.   The environment is:   OS: Windo...
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    last modified by Brian Reed
  • EJB remote call failed on Wildfly 17

    Hello, there,   I hosted my server applications on WildFly 17, and had the remote application use "ejb:..." remote call to request the server for data retrieval. On the server side, the data were successfully re...
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    last modified by J Chen
  • Jberet-ui in Wildfly

    Hi All,   Having completed a brand new local instalation of Wildfly, I download the Jberet-ui and from the base folder execute "npm start", the ui starts properly however it looks like there is no backend and no...
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    last modified by jose frade
  • How to output PDF Files in Wildfly 8.2.1?

    We are updating our app server from Jboss 4.0 to Wildfly 8.2.1. So far, the application is working fine. However, we found a problem when trying to  ouput pdf files. We are making requests to the server and ever...
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    last modified by Jorge Solis
  • An approach to substitute e.printStackTrace() for exception traces being printed with the logger

    There was recently a discussion at a pull request about leaving or not leaving e.printStackTrace() calls in the code. JBTM-3178 Add warning for AbstractRecord create failure by mmusgrov · Pull Request #1486 ...
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    last modified by Ondrej Chaloupka
  • Wildfly 17.0.1 activemq warning

    Morning All   Could someone shed some light on the meaning of this message:   08:32:01,421 WARN  [org.apache.activemq.artemis.ra] (default-threads - 6) AMQ153005: Unable to retrieve ${0} from JNDI. Cr...
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    last modified by Marc Anthony Puca
  • Exposing SOAP bug on 17.0.1 Final?

    Hi, I'm migrating a SOAP service from 11.0.0 Final, and I've faced one trouble but I don't know if it's a bug or something changed. I'd looked for it but didn't found nothing about.   Usually, for remote access...
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    last modified by Rafael Alcaide
  • Override JdbcRealmIdentity to pass custom principal name

    Hi, I am working on application to migrate from picketbox to Elytron security. We have a custom principal name with "username:sessionId". I need to override principal.getName() that we pass to JdbcRealmIdentity to pa...
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    created by Jeevan Yogaraj
  • ERROR [stderr] (ajp-/...:-) [Fatal Error] :-:-: Premature end of file.

    Hi, I am getting the following error in jboss logs   'ERROR [stderr] (ajp-/...:-) [Fatal Error] :-:-: Premature end of file.'   What could be the root cause and how can we troubleshoot it ?  
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    last modified by Ranjan Kumar
  • Galleon does not offer Wildfly 17.0.0-Final as a product

    Wenn I run the following command: galleon.sh list-feature-packs   I get the following ouput: =============== ============== ============ Product         Update Channel ...
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    last modified by Leo Zeef
  • http2 support in Wildfly 10.1: A JDK problem?

    Can someone confirm that Wildfly 10.1 would adequately support http2 by adding ALPN support libraries to the boot path?  Wildfly 10.1 supports http2 via the Undertow subsystem.  Nevertheless JDK1.8 lacks sup...
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    created by Carlos Oliva
  • jboss cli and jython: for loop over objects

    I'm trying to loop over the hosts in a domain using jython and cli. I'm getting a type error because apparently I can't iterate over the object that's returned from the cli command. I cannot for the life of me figure ...
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    created by chrisla
  • Why WildFly model does not offer operation to force recovery to be run

    On working on task [CLOUD-2262] Provide support for transaction recovery for transactions which contain subordinate transactions propagated… I was asked by jmesnil why is the recovery scan not exposed as a mana...
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    last modified by Ondrej Chaloupka
  • Teiid queries  not never releasing the memory from heap resulting Garbage collection failures

    We have a federated VDB with a Views made from attributes from multiple Oracle data sources. The View results in 2 million records and it involves joining tables with 2 million records from two different data sources(...
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    last modified by Vishnu Swaminathan
  • Rename lra-filters to narayana-lra

    Hi,   as lra-filters is the main (and only) dependency that users will typically come in contact with when using Narayana LRA implementation, it would be beneficial for it to have a generic name to avoid questio...
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    last modified by Martin Stefanko
  • Does teiid-engine-9.1.1 jar required proj4j-0.1.0

    Hi Team ,   We are using teiid-engine-9.1.1 jar in one of my project and we are getting the proj4j-0.1.0 jar as a dependency in my project. Does teiid-runtime-9.1.1 required proj4j-0.1.0 jar ?. Someone can help...
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    last modified by ranga reddy