• How to configurate properly wildfly14.0.1 modules

    I have many projects that I configured as wildfly modules into path WILDFLY_HOME/modules/ because they are specifications, static implementations and so-on. In order to use those wildfly modules in a project, I want ...
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  • TEIID15005 Error Calling HTTP Service - 401 Unauthorized

    Hi All,   I am new the JDV and consuming the  Restful web service as my data source. we are passing the 'authorization' as a key and value as 'bearer token' through the header. After import, Test the connec...
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    last modified by Thirumaran PM
  • OAuth with KeyCloak

    Hello Ramesh, I have some problems with the description to build the keycloak teiid adapters for oauth and do not get it running. I followed   OAuth2 Based Security For OData Using KeyCloak · GitBook  ...
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    last modified by Christoph John
  • Hibernate query cache always have cache miss even if result is retrieved from cache

    Hi,   Enabled  L2 cache, including query cache in Wildfly 10.1.0 Final, working with a standard standalone.xml configuration and project with JPA.         <shared-cach...
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    last modified by Andrius Karpavicius
  • Unable to set value for YEAR datatype in MySQL.

    Hi, I am trying to insert data into a column of type "YEAR" in a table in MySQL database using Teiid. When I try to string in the year field it gives me the following error :- Caused by: org.teiid.core.TeiidProcess...
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  • Checking Your Byteman Rule Scripts Under Maven

    What does the Byteman rulecheck maven plugin do? Byteman release 2.1.3 introduced a maven plugin which runs the offline rule parser and type checker before executing any of your maven tests. This pluin allows you to b...
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  • A Byteman Tutorial

    We're Just Getting Started Here . . .  This article is a simple tutorial  showing you how to get started with Byteman. It explains how to install Byteman and use it to inject side-effects into a simple Java...
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  • Disable SOAP response validation but keep request validation

    I use Wildfly 10.1.0 and I have CXF xsd validation enabled via the following lines in standalone.xml                     ...
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  • Can't start JBoss EAP 6 from Eclipse

    Hi everyone, I can't start JBoss EAP 6.4 when in a certain workspace from Eclipse. It works in another workspace. I get the following error :   WARNING: Failed to load the specified log manager class org.jboss....
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  • Programatically flushing out a user logged in with Elytron

    Can a user that has been successfully logged in in an app deployed on a WF13+ server be logged out programatically (somewhat similar to flushing a user from the jass login cache) ? I would like to "forcefully" log hi...
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    last modified by Sergiu Pienar
  • Post calls failing in SSO configuration with Wildfly 14.0.1 and PicketLink 2.5.5.SP12

    I have SSO configuration enabled using PicketLink. It was working fine with Wildfly 10. But after upgrading to Wildfly 14, getting this error.   When we try to login to our application, it gets redirected to IDP...
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    last modified by Rajas Shah
  • Teiid REST call using dynamic authentication

    Hi,   I am new in Teiid. I try to create a REST connection in VDB, and then using java I'll access it to get the data. I am using "teiid-10.2.1-wildfly-server". Using eclipse designer tool I create connection an...
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  • Multiple Instances of WildFly on Different Ports on Same Machine ...

    Hi Sir,   I am writing this for want to know about WILDFLY . Can we run multiple instances of wildfly on different ports on windows machine.@
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  • Wildfly start as service in admin mode

    I have created my own version of wildfly-init-redhat.sh in order to start Wildfly as a service in standalone admin mode, add queues and connection factories and then reload in full mode.  (see below) It works fi...
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    last modified by Kevin Stone
  • NullpointerException when starting Infinispan

    I run into this problem at startup with wildfly-9.0.2.Final which contains Infinispan-7.2.3.Final. Infinispan throws an nullpointerexception when putting someting into the cache:     Caused by: java.lang.Nu...
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    last modified by Thomas Houtekier
  • Configuring multirow result for rest service

    Hi,   I'm trying to configure a REST service in Teiid.   I have this procedure definition:   CREATE PROCEDURE restnumber() RETURNS TABLE(     nr integer not null ) OPTIONS (   ...
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  • Migrate WildFly 13 custom login module using Elytron

    I'm using WildFly13 and Elytron. This setup was migrated from a WF9 with the old security implementation from WF. The "original" implementation had a custom login module, in which I had a class that was extending org...
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    last modified by Sergiu Pienar
  • Standalone-full.xml file encryption in wildfly 9

    I would like to run on Wildfly 9 with an encrypted standalone-full.xml. Is there any support in Wildfly 9 for this? If not, is there any way of encrypting information other than datasource passwords in standalone-ful...
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    last modified by Carolina Contiu
  • OData behind reverse NGINX proxy

    We got the following situation; Our servers use NGINX as a SSL terminating reverse proxy in order to handle our SSL requests. Situation sketch: Outside Interwebs 443 -> NGINX -> EAP/Teiid  8080   Thi...
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    last modified by Marc Kusters
  • Can I use JBoss Tools offline?

    I am using Eclipse Version: 2018-09 (4.9.0). Using JBoss Tools 4.9.0.Final, I develop a WildFly14 application.     From yesterday, due to internal rules change, the coding computer can not connect to the I...
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    created by S Y