• WF 16. Deploy new application

    When i try deploy new application from WF console via Updload Deployment after some time i get error "'WFLYCTL0155: 'content' may not be null" and log empty, no error. What it mean?
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  • WildFly 15+ unable to start persistence unit

    Good day I am porting an existing JSF 2.3 application from WildFly 14 to latest WildFly 17. Using mvn clean package works 100% with zero warnings. When I try to deploy the war using a plethora of different methods, a...
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    last modified by George Labuschagne
  • JTA does not rollback transaction when RuntimeException thrown in another bean?

    We have 3 EJB to handle our business, as below:            @Stateless     public class BeanA {            ...
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  • Is there anywhere some Arquillian (or WildFly) community?

    Because here everything looks dead and buried...
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  • Migrating Hibernate ORM 5.1 native applications to WildFly 14+ with Hibernate bytecode transformer

    Introduction Migration help How are application classfiles transformed List of bytecode transformations that are performed Please give us feedback on problems Additional tips for troubleshooting wi...
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  • WildFly Elytron - Blog Posts

    The WildFly 11 release includes a new security framework WildFly Elytron, a number of blog posts are being written by a number of engineers so this article is to try and collect references to them in one location. ...
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  • Using Elytron certificate-based authentication with authorization

    For certificate-based authentication, the client presents its X.509 certificate chain to the server. The server then verifies this certificate chain using its truststore. The truststore only needs to contain certifica...
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    created by Farah Juma
  • Jboss fuse provides different ways to handle Exceptions(OnException, Do-try Do-catch and Error-Handler), when to use which one ?

    When to use On-Exception Block and when to use do-try and do-catch while we are trying to handle exception inside the Route while using Blueprint DSL.
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  • How to set the transaction timeout?

    We have some long running queries that will run in SEQUENCE(one after the other) and from time to time, the server will thow exceptions saying the transaction has been "aborted" when it try to get a managed connection...
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  • Modelling a Json entitty with array of "details"

    Dear Sirs,   Perhaps one more novice question. I am still trying to get by Spring Boot/REST data source example work. The json return by my WS is this: {     "recordsFiltered": 10,  ...
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  • ServletContext#setRequestCharacterEncoding and ServletContext#setResponseCharacterEncoding seem to fail to set the character encoding(WildFly16)

    Hello,   Does WildFly-16 support using ServletContext#setRequestCharacterEncoding and ServletContext#setResponseCharacterEncoding?   WildFly-16.0.0.Final supports Java EE 8(https://docs.wildfly.org/) , s...
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    last modified by Tomoki Sato
  • Three-phase commit protocol (3PC)

    Since reading Mark Little’s article [1] I have been trying to find time to further understand where three phase commit can be applied. I also read a nice summary article on Wikipedia[2] but was still missing the...
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  • How to trigger infinispan start in clustering environment with Spring

    Hi Guys, I am using infinispan7.1 on a legacy project running on tomcat for clustering(4 nodes, A, B, C, D) cache requirement. I am using existing spring 3.2  annotation with infinispan.xml and jgroups.xml to re...
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  • Alternative JMS message is not getting posted in the Queue

    In a custom application we have created a Queue and tried to post messages to test the configuration.   Surprisingly it is observed that that every alternative message is not getting posted in the Queue when inq...
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    created by Hillol Pal
  • Global modules static classes isolation

    Hi all, i have a question about isolation of static classes into global modules. This classes are or not isolated between deployments/applications ? after some tests where i have 2 deployments/applications that use ...
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  • How to send the URI parameters to the REST web service via Teiid Spring Boot?

    My REST web service requires a couple of URI-embedded parameters.   I was assuming (probably wrongly) that the query parameter will be embedded by Teiid into the Web service call as a URL parameter, but my DEBUG...
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  • Hibernate Validator Migration Guide

    6.1.x 6.1.0.Alpha5 6.1.0.Alpha4 6.1.0.Alpha3 6.1.0.Alpha2 6.1.0.Alpha1 6.0.x 6.0.17.Final 6.0.16.Final 6.0.15.Final 6.0.14.Final 6.0.13.Final 6.0.12.Final 6.0.11.Final...
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  • Wildfly 16: Module not loading for datasource

    Error on start up:[org.jboss.as.controller.management-operation] (ServerService Thread Pool -- 48) WFLYCTL0013: Operation ("add") failed - address: ([ ("subsystem" => "datasources"), ("jdbc-driver" => "oracle"...
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  • Problem with calling Remote EJBs in JBoss EAP 7.2.

    Hi there, I am having some issues with the application running on tomcat 8.5 to call remote EJB located on JBoss EAP 7.2. It's been working just fine for JBoss EAP 6.4 until migrating to EAP 7.2. I know JBoss EAP 7.1...
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  • EAP Conversion 6.4 to 7.2

    I am doing the EAP conversion and am facing some problems. I have already passed some and now I am no way out of this: In version 6 I used the cacheContainer and in this version I can not upload the application, usi...
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