• jboss cli and jython: for loop over objects

    I'm trying to loop over the hosts in a domain using jython and cli. I'm getting a type error because apparently I can't iterate over the object that's returned from the cli command. I cannot for the life of me figure ...
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    created by chrisla
  • Why WildFly model does not offer operation to force recovery to be run

    On working on task [CLOUD-2262] Provide support for transaction recovery for transactions which contain subordinate transactions propagated… I was asked by jmesnil why is the recovery scan not exposed as a mana...
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    last modified by Ondrej Chaloupka
  • Teiid queries  not never releasing the memory from heap resulting Garbage collection failures

    We have a federated VDB with a Views made from attributes from multiple Oracle data sources. The View results in 2 million records and it involves joining tables with 2 million records from two different data sources(...
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    last modified by Vishnu Swaminathan
  • Rename lra-filters to narayana-lra

    Hi,   as lra-filters is the main (and only) dependency that users will typically come in contact with when using Narayana LRA implementation, it would be beneficial for it to have a generic name to avoid questio...
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    last modified by Martin Stefanko
  • Does teiid-engine-9.1.1 jar required proj4j-0.1.0

    Hi Team ,   We are using teiid-engine-9.1.1 jar in one of my project and we are getting the proj4j-0.1.0 jar as a dependency in my project. Does teiid-runtime-9.1.1 required proj4j-0.1.0 jar ?. Someone can help...
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    last modified by ranga reddy
  • How do I delay cache invalidation until transaction has finished

    We are using WildFly 16 with an Infinispan invalidation cache for business objects backed by JPA entities. When we update an entity in a method bounded by a JTA transaction, we want the evict to go out only after the ...
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    created by Tom Stiemerling
  • Dynamic Datasource

    Hi, I have a requirement to add datasource that needs to keep updating if any new table is creating or table modified in source database. Basically they want this VDB to be a gateway for multiple datasource each of ...
  • Custom Principal name in Elytron for Database Identity store

    I'm using WildFly15 and Elytron Security.  I am migrating from picketbox to Elytron security. We have an custom Principal name "username:clientid".  In previous implementation we used DatabaseServerLoginModu...
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    last modified by Jeevan Yogaraj
  • JBoss servlets.

    how to remove or secure any affected JBoss servlets.
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    last modified by MAGESH KUMAR
  • Problem with JNDI lookup from all the nodes in wildfly-16.0.0.Final cluster

    We are using wildfly-16.0.0.Final.   we are trying to migrate the project from weblogic to wildfly16. wildfly domain is running in cluster domain mode with one server on master and one server on slave. "user"...
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    last modified by shailendra kumar
  • Teiid standalone - SQL Server insert into error

    We are encountering an error when using insert into select under SQL Server. The source table and the destination table are from 2 different databases under the same SQL Server. The exception is reproduced in the me...
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    last modified by mtawk
  • No wildlfy plugin on Netbeans 11

    Apache NetBeans IDE 11.0 (Build incubator-netbeans-release-404-on-20190319)  is missing the Wilfly server plugin. Are there any licensing issues as the Netbeans site suggest? Is there a workaround like manually d...
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    last modified by Vasilis Stergioulis
  • Modeshape: resetting to invalid mark after updating to Tika 1.18

    Hi, I updated the Tika dependencies to Tika 1.18 (RH cve fixes), but now I'm running into "org.apache.tika.io.TaggedIOException: Resetting to invalid mark", when org.modeshape.jcr.JcrSession.save is called (it all end...
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    last modified by Jan Schatteman
  • How to rewrite URL in wildfly 10

    I have an application deployed in Wildfly 10. The url of the application is https://DomainName/AppName/ModuleName/login.jsf. When the user enters https://DomainName/ , I want the user to be directed to the url of the ...
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    last modified by Navin Kumar
  • Changing node-id with reload required in WildFly during boot time

    Hi all,   I would like to ask for feedback about the way of changing Narayana node-id in WFLY. Recently there was created an issue regarding this [WFLY-12317] Using JTA transaction's node_name attribute is set ...
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    last modified by Ondrej Chaloupka
  • How to run galleon in a proxy environment

    Dear community,   I tried to install WildFly using galleon.sh(4.0.3.Final), but I couldn't connect to the repository on the Internet. The following settings were made because this was a proxy environment, but th...
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    last modified by koki ogura
  • Support

    The following versions of JGroups are supported on a community basis (see what this means further down): The latest stable release (4.1.x at the time of writing this) Git master   On a commercial basis, we sup...
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    last modified by Bela Ban
  • Unable to configure "indexed-enity" with remote indexing and protobuf

    When using indexing, then Infinspan complains about missing configuration of entities, if they are not provided via `indexed-entities`:   ISPN000403: No indexable classes were defined for this indexed cache; swi...
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    last modified by Jens Reimann
  • WildFly 15.0.1 + JDBC; simple configuration

    Hi, I am trying a simple configuration to secure my application, but can't get through handling RealmCallbacks. Every time ManagementRealm is being invoked instead of my own realm. defaultRealName is once exampleDbRe...
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    last modified by Szymon Klepacz
  • Keycloak Java 11 Support

    Hi,   according to [KEYCLOAK-7811] Java 11 Support Keycloak should already support Java 11 since 4.8.0. Keycloak 6 still has JDK8 as base image (see https://github.com/jboss-dockerfiles/keycloak/blob/master/serv...
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    last modified by Andreas Beresko