• jboss XA datasource for remote sql server failed

    Hi,   I am getting the below error while connecting the SQL server in the remote server configured as XA datasource.     23:37:12,074 ERROR [org.jboss.jca.core.tx.jbossts.XAResourceRecoveryImpl] (Peri...
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    last modified by Ramesh Rajamani
  • [JBoss 7.2.5 EAP] Cannot access the application at the very first request.

    Hello everyone,   we have our Oracle Web Commerce application upgraded to JBoss 7.2.5 EAP and we noticed that for the very first request we get   2020-02-12 11:36:35,867 ERROR  [io.undertow.request] (a...
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    last modified by Karol Siczek
  • Flooding "not found in retransmission table" in server log too much in cluster and making application slow.

    We have Wildfly 11.0.0 Final version - 24 JVMs cluster using multicast and observing below error too much in server.log and it is making application slower. attaching logs for your reference. 2020-02-02 02:22:07,839 W...
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    last modified by Dheeraj Mishra
  • Wildfly 10 AWS using JDBC_PING for JGROUPS

    Hi All   I am getting this error when shutting down wildfly node on my EC2 instances.  Has anyone else seen this?  Can I ignore?             ...
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    last modified by Paul Clarke
  • WildFly11 - Single Sign on in a cluster

    I have a cluster with two nodes. Session is not replicated, but I would like the SSO to be so.   Both nodes have an entry like this   <single-sign-on path="/"/>   under undertown configuration....
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    last modified by Alberto Gori
  • WildFly 18.0.1.Final - Error fetching WildFly component 'org.picketlink:picketlink-api:::2.5.5.SP12-redhat-00006'

    Provision worked fine with WildFly: 16.0.x - 17.0.1. Upgraded provision.gradle to upgrade to use wildFly 18.0.1. plugins {   id "org.wildfly.build.provision" version '0.0.11' } repositories {   mavenLocal()...
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    last modified by Roger Lee
  • Jboss7.1.1 to Wildfly 8 or 18 for Java8

    Hi All, I am planning to upgrade the jboss version from Jboss7.1.1 to Wildfly 8 or above to work with Java 8 version. The java EAR application is old and jbioss4.2 version was used and we have made that work in Jbos...
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  • ARJUNA017017: enlist of resource failed exception with Oracle 11g Release 2 XE but not with MySQL

    Using jbpm-spring-boot-starter-basic in a Spring Boot project, which in return brings Naryana as the transaction manager. My database is Oracle 11g Release 2, and I am receiving the following exception:   org.spr...
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    last modified by Hasan Can Saral
  • Request for release version of Wildfly with fix for issue LOGMGR-153

    Hello Team,   We see an outOfMemory exception on testbed running Wildfly 2.0.0 every few days. Java heap space runs out of memory and Wildfly sends command to shutdown server or application process. This causes ...
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    last modified by Kusumita Sen
  • dump jar paths in ModuleClassLoader

    Hi. For troubleshooting I want to see what the current classpath is. org.jboss.modules.ModuleClassLoader has no getURLs() method. Is it possible to get this info?   private static void printClassloader0(final P...
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  • Method calls on .class literal trigger invalid rule error

    Consider this simple class:   public class Foo {     public static void main(final String[] args) throws Exception {         System.out.println("Hello world"); &#...
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    last modified by Jaikiran Pai
  • Picketlink Multi forwarding

    We have a War called login when has a picketlink.xml   There is a web war which also has a picket link.xml. Everything works ok with the single link - https://abccompany.com   But now we need to add our c...
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    last modified by Mo Baig
  • Is there a way to hide the debug lines wildfly uses when calling interface methods?

    So when I call the method of an interface, there are a bunch of lines between the calling class and the called class that I do not care about. Is there a way to omit them from the debug call stack? If A class X method...
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    last modified by Péter Forgács
  • JBoss Editorial (February 7th): Quarkus, Camel, Keycloak and Kie

    Welcome to another edition of the JBoss Editorial, our regular tour through the JBoss Communities in search of news and developments from the community projects.   Quarkus Tools for Visual Studio Code  Quark...
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    created by Kevin Conner
  • can Drools API tell me how many rules are using a particular attribute

    Say i have a rule file like below. Below rules are built on 2 properties Instrument and maverickModelMappingId . Can Drools tell me how many rules uses the field "Instrument".  My use case is that I want to know ...
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    last modified by ABHISHEK KUMAR
  • Jboss AS 7 not allowing concurrent login

    Hi,   We have recently migrated from JBoss AS 5 to AS 7.   In AS 5, one user could login from two machines without any issues. JAAS was authenticating the user and logging in fine.   In AS 7, once a ...
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  • Why doesn't System.out.printlin, and Logger work in my websocket?

    Can anyone tell me why this doesn't work?  I.e. why nothing I log from my class, and nothing I print using System.out.println, shows up in the log or on the console?   My websocket endpoint class is named "...
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    last modified by George Berish
  • Custom listener shows dirty properties only per event (per class)

    For an object tree if a property of a nested object changes the whole object tree should be versioned. However, it seems there are only hibernate envers events sent to e.g. a customed listener for a class with a prop...
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    created by Dominik Grupp
  • Clustered Java EE Application With Wildyfly 10.1 & Apache Http

    I'm trying to start up a cluster with 2 nodes of wildyfly 10.1 Running in standalone-ha.xml standalone mode with 3 modules deployed in each one : EJB_EAR.ear, Singleton_EJB_EAR.ear, Web_EAR.ear are deployed with the ...
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    last modified by Mohammed adel
  • how to assign Authentication token to REST Service Task

    I am calling a REST service from jbpm using the REST service task but I don't know how to specify the Authorization Token (assignment picture attached). Does anyone know how to do this? Your help will be much apprecia...
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