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    This page provides information about the Maven repositories hosted on  The Maven repositories are managed by Nexus, and are available to all members of the JBoss community.  Depending on the needs of your project, you can choose to configure your  Maven settings using one or more of the individual repository URLs, or you can choose to use a combined repository view via the group URLs.


    In most cases you should be able to check out a JBoss project and build with a default Maven installation.  If you just want to use the JBoss repository for downloading artifacts, check out Maven Getting Started.  If you want more detail about how the repositories are organized, continue reading below.


    Repository Organization


    The Maven repository server hosts a set of several Maven repositories and repository groups which each have a specific purpose.


    Hosted Repositories

    These repositories contain artifacts build by the JBoss community, and are located under the URL


    • JBoss Releases ( /releases ) - JBoss community projects that have been released
    • JBoss Thirdparty Releases ( /thirdparty-releases ) - Thirdparty projects that have been modified and rebuilt by the JBoss community
    • JBoss Thirdparty Uploads ( /thirdparty-uploads ) - Thirdparty artifacts which are not available via the JBoss or proxied repositories.  These are artifacts that were downloaded directly from a thirdparty and were not re-built from source by the JBoss community before being uploaded.
    • JBoss Thirdparty Restricted ( /thirdparty-restricted ) - Thirdparty artifacts that cannot be redistributed to the public.  This repository is only available to authenticated users.
    • JBoss Deprecated ( /deprecated ) - Artifacts from the jboss repository that should no longer be used but need to be available for legacy builds
      • Contains artifacts which have been copied from central but moved to a new groupId
      • Contains artifacts that match a GAV from central, but the artifacts are not identical.
    • JBoss Snapshots ( /snapshots ) - JBoss community project snapshot builds


    For information about when to use each repository, see MavenRepositoryFAQ


    Proxied Repositories

    These repositories proxy artifacts from external (thirdparty) repositories are located under the URL



    Repository Groups

    The repository groups provide a combined view of several repositories under a single URL


    • Public JBoss Group ( groups/public-jboss ) - Used by JBoss community users.  Contains the repositories "JBoss Releases", "JBoss Thirdparty Releases", "JBoss Thirdparty Uploads", and "JBoss Snapshots".  Does not include "JBoss Deprecated".  Does not include proxy repositories.
    • Public Repositories ( groups/public ) - Used by JBoss community developers.  Contains all JBoss repositories included in the "Public JBoss" group.  Does not include "JBoss Deprecated" and "JBoss Restricted".  Contains all proxy repositories other than "central".
    • Staging Repository Group ( groups/staging ) - Includes all release repositories in the "Public JBoss" group.  Contains all non-snapshot proxy repositories including "central".  Contains all the currently available (closed) staging repositories.  Does not include any snapshot repositories.  This repository should be used when performing a release.


    Additional Thirdparty Repositories


    Sometimes a build requires jars that are only available in thirdparty repostories which are not proxied by the JBoss Nexus repository.

    To request that a thirdparty repo be added to the JBoss Nexus, please submit a jira ticket ( - JBoss Issue Tracker).

    The ticket should contain the following

    • The URL of the thirdparty repository
    • The groupIds which should be proxied from that repository
    • The project(s) which will be using that repository


    Legacy Repository


    • / - The root directory contains artifacts distributed by the old ant based (jbossbuild) build system.  Each sub directory, with the exception of the directories listed below, represents a project that can be used as a dependency (for example, apache-ant).  Within these folders is a set of directories for each version of the project (for example, 1.1, 1.2-beta, 2.0-snapshot, etc).

    • /maven2 - The maven2 sub-directory contains the old JBoss maven release repository.  The subdirectories are structured according to the maven recommendations.  This repository contains both jboss and non-jboss projects.

    • - This server contains only snapshot releases and nightly builds for the jboss projects.  Projects should only use this repository temporarily until dependency projects are released.  When JBoss projects are released, any dependencies on artifacts from this repository will not be allowed.

    • New deployments to this repository have been disabled.  If you need to upload files to this repository, please contact the team.


    Reporting Problems


    If you expericnce problems with the repository you should report them using either jira ( or the discussion forums (