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    What is the difference between "JBoss Releases", "JBoss Thirdparty Releases", "JBoss Thirdparty Uploads", etc?


    JBoss Releases is used for JBoss projects which use one of the Maven JBoss GroupIds.


    JBoss Snapshots is used for all snapshot builds.


    JBoss Thirdparty Releases is for artifacts built and released by the JBoss community which do not use one of the standard JBoss group IDs.  Artifacts are uploaded to this repository using the normal Release and Deployment Process


    JBoss Thirdparty Uploads is for unmodified thirdparty artifacts that are not available in any proxy repository.  For example, these files might only be availble from the thirdparty project downloads page.  Artifacts can be uploaded to this repository using the instructions for Uploading a Thirdparty Artifact


    JBoss Thirdparty Restricted is for artifacts that do not have a license that allows redistribution.