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    Where - Hacienda Hotel, 4041 Harney Street • San Diego,  CA 92110 • 800-888-1991

    Date - Monday the 19th of April to Friday the 23rd of April

    Time - 9am to 6pm

    Event price - free

    Hotel rate - $110 per night, reference "Drools" (limited availability). **Rate is now available.


    Hacienda Hotel
    haciendapanorama .jpg

    Breakfast will be provided and coffee will be available throughout the day. We are hoping that some generous companies might sponsor lunch contact me if you can help, mproctor at codehaus d0t org


    Previous Boot Camps

    Drools Boot Camp : San Francisco June 2009



    Mark Proctor - Introduction to Drools

    Mark Proctor - Authoring Rules

    Davide Sottara - Using Drools in Hybrid   Systems: From "Semantic" Rules to Soft Computing

    Davide Sottara - Rule Uncertainty And Vagueness

    Edson Tirelli - Complex Event Processing

    Ken Kawamoto - CDS With HL7 & Drools

    Kris Verlaenen - Building Domain-Specific Workflows

    Emory Fry - Rule Workbench Requirements

    Emory Fry - Distributed Clinical Knowledge Management Repositories

    Tom Munnecke - Rules and Complexity

    James Taylor - Smarter systems for uncertain times - blog post

    Kris Verlaenen - Adaptive Processes

    Alex Guazzelli & Kostas Stathatos - Drools & Predictive Analytics: Follow Your Rules and Listen to Your Data

    The Drools team are also actively involved in two other great events each year, which we strongly recommend, both the RuleML symposium and Rules Fest conference.


    RuleML 2010 Symposium

    • Devoted to practical distributed rule technologies and rule-based  applications, which need language standards for rules (inter)operating in, e.g., the  Semantic Web, Enterprise Systems, Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems, Event-Driven Architectures, and Service-Oriented Applications.


    Rules Fest 2010

    Registration Details (closed)

    The boot camp is free, you only need to turn up, but please register (see registration table below) so we can ensure adequate capacity. Please fill out the form, in the style that is already there, use an "x" to indicate the days you wish to attend. If you do not put your name down,  and there is not enough capacity, you may not be able to attend. Also please make sure you send me an email that you are attending, so I have your email on file so that I can send further information and instructions : mproctor at codehaus d0t org.


    Who should attend

    The meeting is suitable for people of all levels, from those just wanting to find out what Drools is and what others are doing with it, to hard core programmers who want to delve deep into Drools internals. You are welcome to just come along, watch the talks and observe. Ideally you'll bring your laptop and be willing to roll up your sleeves and hack on Drools itself, fixing some bug, coding a new feature or example or touching up the documentation. Or maybe you just want to work through the Drools documentation or examples, to learn things, with the Drools team at hand for your questions. It's also perfectly acceptable to bring along your company projects and work on them there, with us close to hand to offer guidance.


    As always with these bootcamps you get the most out of it if you are proactive and know what you want to get out of it. You have the Drools team there to offer advice and provide mentoring and general help, so make the most of it.


    We will aim for 30% to 40% of the time to be in provided talks, which will range from drools basics to advanced concepts and also cover the industry in general.


    Monday and Tuesday will be exclusive to the medical and healthcare communities, with talks and discussions tailored to this.


    Wednesday onwards is open to all and we recommend this as the start day for non-medical/healthcare professionals.




    Mon-Tue (medical only)

    The first two days are  exclusive to the medical community and only people from medical  organisations or with a medical background will be allowed to attend. By medical we also mean healthcare and pharmeceuticals.


    Wed - Fri (general - open to all)

    These days are open to everyone and all topics and industries are  open for discussion.


    Proposed talks

    We now have a number proposed talks. No dates or times have been decided yet, other than the keynote being delivered by James Taylor on Wednesday. Some talks, especially the general ones are likely to be repeated at both the medical and the general sessions. Times will be fixed closer to the event.


    James Taylor (Decision Management Solutions)Wed 9am Key Note : Smarter systems for uncertain times
    Mark Proctor (JBoss)Intro to Drools 5
    Mark Proctor (JBoss)Rule Authoring Techniques
    Mark Proctor (JBoss)Spring, Camel and OSGi integration

    Kris Verlaenen (JBoss)

    Building Domain Specific Workflows for Clinical Decision Support
    Kris Verlaenen (JBoss)Dynamic Fragments for Non-Linear Execution of Adaptive Processes
    Edson Tirelli (JBoss)Applying Complex Event Processing
    Davide Sottara (University of Bologna)Enhancing Rules with Uncertainty and Vagueness
    Davide Sottara (University of Bologna)Using Drools in Hybrid Systems: from "Semantic" Rules to Soft Computing
    Ken Kawamoto (Duke University)Clinical Decision Support with HL7 and Drools
    Emory Fry (NHRC)Delivering Real-Time Clinical Decision Support
    Emory Fry (NHRC)Rule Workbench Requirements
    Emory Fry (NHRC)Distributed Clinical Knowledge Mangement Repositories
    Joe White (Recondo Techology)Healthcare EDI Processing Using Drools
    Kostas Stathatos (Zementis)Drools & Predictive Analytics: Follow Your Rules and Listen to Your Data
    Diego Naya (OSDE) / Gustavo Aguirre (OSDE)

    Drools within a corporate IT architecture

    Tom Munnecke (HealthWave)Historical perspective of VistA and CHCS as foundations for workflow




    We'd very much like for this to be a communtiy driven  event with some industry focus; so that means the more community people  who can present and/or hold talks the better. So please volunteer your proposals. All talks  should atleast have some relevancy for rules, workflow, event  processing, planning and ontologies; ideally but does not have to be  with some Drools relationship. The range of topics can be anything you  think of that would be of interest to the attendess, that can include,  but not be limited to:

    • Show of your cool project       
      • Should either be using drools, or planning to move to it (with  details of how that move will work)
    • Talk about  existing experiences and problems
    • General authoring, tell the  world how you think these applications should be built
    • General  industry talks, on players involved and where the industry is giong
    • Talk  about industry solutions and how they are solved. It doesn't need to  involve Drools, but should be relevant in giving people ideas on how  Drools could be used.
    • If your software involves Drools and is  Open Source and of interest to  others, we may even be able to provide  you time for a workshop.
    • Discuss standards, integration, logic  programming or just have a general rant.
    • Anything else you think  people attending might be interested in


    Registration Attendees (Closed)




    Attendee Name
    Company Name
    (medical only)

    (medical focus
    open to all)

    (general topics
    open to all)

    Mark ProctorJBoss Division of Red Hatxxx
    Edson TirelliJBoss Division of Red Hatxxx
    Kris VerlaenenJBoss Division of Red Hat


    Toni RikollaJBoss Division of Red Hatxxx
    Ray PloskiJBoss Division of Red Hatxxx
    Keith BaboJBoss Division of Red Hatxxx
    Prakash AradhyaJBoss Division of Red HatLate Tuesdayxx
    Salatino MauricioOSDE (Argentinian Healthcare)xxx
    Diego NayaOSDE (Argentinian Healthcare)xxx
    David L. HowellAT&T
    Mike DarrettaJBossxxx
    Jim TyrrellJBoss
    Early Wed

    Leave Thursday Night, no Fri

    Udaypal AarkotiJBossLate Wedx
    Miles HaleSAICxxx
    Emory FryNaval Health Research Centerxxx
    Jerry GoodnoughNaval Health Research Centerxx
    Chrisjan MatserNaval Health Research Centerxxx (?)
    Steven ClarkNaval Health Research Centerxxx (?)
    Mark PitmanNaval Health Research Centerxxx (?)
    Tia NguyenNaval Health Research Centerxxx (?)
    John Mattison - TBDKaiserxxx
    Andy Wisenthal - TBDKaiserxxx
    Zach Gillen - TBDKaiserxxx
    Daniel Zisook - TBDKaiserxxx
    Navdeep Sood - TBDKaiserxxx
    Peter Hendler - TBDKaiserxxx
    Yang HuangKaiserxxx
    Davide SottaraUniversity of Bolognaxxx
    Michael JongkindClinicaxx
    Ken KawamotoDuke Universityxx
    Ron HarmanClinicaxx
    Ren BabcockClinicaxx
    James TaylorDecision Management Solutions
    Brad AdamsUniversity of Utah / VAxxx
    Herman PostIntermountain Healthcarexx
    Alejandro Lopez OsorniotermMed ITxxx
    Daniel MillerVersatile Systems
    xx (leaving Thursday night)
    Scott BolteGE Healthcarexx
    Steven WaldrenOpen Health Dataxx
    Jonathan NebekerVAx

    Nathan BellPharmacy OneSourcexx
    Peter HaugIntermountain Healthcarexx
    Keith LarsenIntermountain Healthcarexx
    Don BabcockWake Forest University Health Sciences
    Ron VictorianoAT&T
    Ben LevinAT&T
    Joe WhiteRecondo Technologyxxx
    Chris SlaterRecondo Technologyxxx
    J Michael DeanUniversity of Utahxxx (leave thursday night)
    Kathleen SwardUniversity of Utahxxx (leave thursday night)
    Michele MunkwitzUniversity of Utahxx
    Sandra GearyVAxx
    Alex GuazzelliZementis
    Wen-Ching LinZementis
    Tridivesh JenaZementis
    Kostas StathatosZementis
    Kevin MeldrumVAxx
    Claude MeyerGE Healthcarexx (leaving ~3pm)
    Doug PedrickGE Healthcarexx (leaving  ~3pm)
    Jenny WeisenbergGE Researchxx
    Julie MedalieUniversity of Marylandxx
    Yongjian BaoGE Healthcarexxx
    Marc SchneidermanKaiser Permanente - eBusinessx

    Bruce BrayUniversity of Utahxxx (leaving Thursday PM)
    James HarrBoeing Intelligence and
    Security Systems

    Cherly SimonPatient Safe Solutionsx
    Mike WhittemorePatient Safe Solutionsx
    Chris StokesPatient Safe Solutionsx
    Jing GuPatient Safe Solutionsx
    Todd WertsPatient Safe Solutionsx
    Rick JohnsonPatient Safe Solutionsx
    Francis SablaonPatient Safe Solutionsx
    Mike ParleePatient Safe Solutionsx
    Fateh A. HilalSOADEX, early)
    Issam ZeinounSOADEX, Inc.xx

    x(leaving early)

    Christopher NewthChildren's Hospital Los Angeles/USCxx(leaving Wednesday PM)
    Roby KhemaniChildren's Hospital Los Angeles/USCx
    Noman RahmanIntermountain Healthcarexx
    Arun ViswanathGE Healthcarexxx (leaving early)
    Jeanie EspantoVAx
    Joe FruscellaNationwidexxx
    Uday NaikKaiserxx
    Thomas PolzinM*Modalxxx (maybe)
    Randy SecristGE Healthcarexxx (leaving early)
    Ron KurisLexisNexisxx
    Mark MalynnLexisNexisxx
    Tom MunneckeHealthWavexx
    Tom ValezCTA, Inc.x
    John McKimCTA,
    Stanley CurtisMcKessonx
    Michael PellegriniCIGNAxx
    Robert ChristensonAKCxx
    Gustavo AguirreOSDExx
    Jason JonesIntermountain Healthcarexx
    William CurtisMdx
    Robert MaddisonGE Healthcarex

    Richard ClaytonBerico Technologiesxx
    Jungwei FanKaiserTue onlyx


    Bill DeCosteJBossMon onlyx
    Michael ZellerZementisx
    Jeremy WilsonESRG LLCxx (Leaving Early)