Version 12

    Administration UI


    Updated (04/12/2012)


    The administration UI for the mobile detection conditions. Needed Functionality listed by Matt:

    • handle multiple redirects from one origin site
    • handle multiple, priority based, conditions on when to do a redirect
      • conditions are checked sequentially, so the most likely/cheaper conditions should be looked at first, the ordering matters
    • conditions can be based on user agent strings or device properties or a combination of them (and each type can have multiple values)
    • need to be able to specify mapping between nodes on one site and nodes on another


    A new mockup version based on Matt's previous version and team feedback:




    This mockup is a result of a offline discussion described by Matt in a comment. I also added a proposal to help the users to understand the behavior when multiple conditions are specified (OR and AND).


    A version of this mockup with visual design can be seen at the discussion Administration UI: Mobile Redirection