Version 20

    Note: This implementation is retired. For an Embedded API to JBossAS 6.0.0.M1+, please see: JBoss Embedded AS



    Embedded JBoss


    The focus of Embedded JBoss is to be able to run the JBoss 5 Kernel and JEMS services with a non-JBoss-controlled classloader.  What does this mean?  It means you are able to run JBoss within the same JVM as a plain Java program, a junit test, standalone Tomcat, or even another application server. Why is this important?


    1. Allows JBoss and JEMS products to be more "lightweight"

    2. Allows people to use JBoss/JEMS that can't switch containers that easily

    3. Unifies what other projects at JBoss are already doing to be able to run in non-JBoss-app-server environments.

    4. Gives ISVs better integration possibilities



    You can download older versions from SourceForge.  The latest release is in the JBoss Maven repository.