• problem in add-user.bat

    hello, when i try to execute the add-user.bat , the consol show me this message: can you help me please ?
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  • Newbie

    Dear all, Hello I'm rovero, a newbie here. I have used JIRA to work in the past few years. I forgot some features and information and I want to learn to use it again in the future. I just found this site and I had ...
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    created by rovero
  • Multiple HTML pages in AeroGear REST and HTML5 web development

    Hi, As shown in the KitchenSink example, there is only one html page i.e. index.html. 1. Is it possible to have multiple html pages in the project? 2. If yes then how to navigate between pages? 3. I also need to i...
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    created by subho29
  • hi while running  my application in jboss 7 getting below error

    14:49:50,932 WARN  [org.jboss.modules] (MSC service thread 1-1) Failed to define class com.tonbeller.jpivot.core.Model in Module "deployment.mobeereports.war:main" from Service Module Loader: java.lang.LinkageErr...
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    created by shaiksha0914
  • New In Jboss

    Hi Friends! It's good to find this forum. I am new in JBOSS and don't know how to use it and from where I should start. Please tell me step by step procedure to learn about JBOSS.
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    created by david.wilson
  • Anyone able to use the Aerogear Android Cordova push plugin to unregister a device?

    I am getting a Service Error 405 popup message that goes away quickly.  The token still exists in the Unified Push Server so its not getting deleted.  Anyone else having this issue ?
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    created by keithdmoore94
  • How to configure activemq web-console5.9.war in Jboss 5.1

    Hi,   I am using activemq 5.9 in Jboss5.1. The integration of activemq5.9 resource adaptor in jboss successfully completed.   Now, to monitor active MQ that is configured inside jboss, I need help on how ...
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    created by aabijee
  • my blogs

    my blogs <a href="http://stress-management-in-workplace.blogspot.com/2013/09/useful-tips-for-stress-management-in.html">stress management in workplace</a>   <a href="http://free-chat-3.blogspot.c...
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    created by davidadams3
  • JBoss doesn't redirect if the URL contains &amp;

    I am using Spring. In one of the bean class, I am redirecting to some url using RedirectView. Now my url contains &amp;. Jboss doesn't redirect to it. It thows an Exception. I don't want to replace &amp; with ...
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  • remote client ejb1.2 call the Jboss 6.1 server

    I am stuck with the remote cleint call using ejb1.2 to the beans running in jboss 6.1 server.   We are in the mid of migrating our j2ee application from Jboss 5 to 6.1   Please help to resolve this issue &...
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  • Integration of Aerogear UnifiedPush server with Switchyard

    Hello, I am working on Aerogear and I want to integrate Aerogear UnifiedPush Server with Switchyard, if any one know please help me. Thank you
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    created by ssaurav_1987
  • Aerogear Controller 404 Error on Android Phones

    I've recently developed an application using the aerogear controller. When I go to my application's URL using my Android phone, I get a 404 error. To confirm this, I also went to the controller demo URL (http://contro...
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  • mysql connection

    sir      i want to  make simply database connection based application on jboss as 7.1.1.final
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  • Gain Access to Session in Aerogear Controller

    I'm finding it difficult to deal with user access/information using the Aerogear controller.  I don't appear to have access to the session in my pojos (that get routed to) that I can tell.   My current issu...
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  • Aerogear Controller Upload Multipart Form (a file)

    I'm attempting to upload a image through a form using the aerogear controller. The following is what I've done (and been successful at):   1. I created a new MediaType   {code}public static final MediaType ...
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  • Aerogear Controller Demo Class Not Found

    I'm attempting to run the aero-controller-demo and running into the following error:   09:41:00,681 ERROR [org.apache.catalina.core.ContainerBase.[jboss.web].[default-host].[/aerogear-controller-demo]] (MSC serv...
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  • Hello world!

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    created by jriders65
  • CORS Configuration: CDI vs xml

    Hi!   We are currently working on adding CORS support to AeroGear-Controller and are trying to decide how this is best configured, using CDI or by using web.xml. You can find details in this gist with examples...
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  • Get Started With HTML5 Mobile Web Development with JBoss

    There are many ways of developing mobile web applications. This article is going to show you how to get started quickly to HTML5 + REST development.  This approach uses a pure HTML5 based front end which interact...
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  • session management recommendation?

    Hi, Im developing a POH5 app using the Aerogear recommendations, ajax invoking rest endpoints for loading dynamic data. Im at the part where i should handle user credentials and session, Im sending credentials to a r...
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    created by aamonten