• How to deploy services from various projects

    I have a test project that uses OpenLiberty, Arquillian, Springframework and Maven to test web services (target WebSphere) in a third party project. I can write arquillian tests, build against the third party librarie...
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  • Arquillian where are we?

    Goal: Project with inception year 2012 to bring on ee8, with jdk 11  and add new functionality. Status: Developed for Glassfish 3.1 and WAS 8.5. ported for Glassfish 4 and 5 and Payara 5. Build and embedded Tes...
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    created by b69
  • Arquillian and PostgreSQL driver

    Hello! I try to use Arquillian with TomEE and connection to PostgreSQL database but when I run test, it fail becouse server cannot find "org.postgresql.Driver": ... 13-Nov-2019 16:57:46.469 SEVERE [main] org.apache...
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  • How to add the network printer in JBoss application server ?

    Hi All,   How to connect a network printer to JBoss app server ?   I have a Java application server running in the JBoss 7.0.6 of Linux.   How to add the network printer to Jboss server so the Web ap...
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    created by simonkao2714
  • Arquillian mix mode not able to read/recognise @Before/After annotations of TestNG

    I am using Arquillian mixed mode. I am doing some configuration in the client mode(initialising webDriver) and using the server side mode to generate tests data and the run my tests in client mode. Now, everything wor...
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  • Arquillian Test: Interceptor for {unix://localhost:80/v1.30/networks/create}WebClient has thrown exception

    Server Version: 18.09.0 java version "1.8.0_172" Apache Maven 3.5.4     <artifactId>cxf-rt-transports-http</artifactId> <version>3.1.8</version>   I am trying to setup arquilli...
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    created by rameshsah
  • Extension for Arquillian Drone to create HAR-File

    Hi all,   i am currently working on an Extension for Drone. It is supposed to create a HAR-File for each test method. Those files then will be used for creating loadttest-szenarios in gattling for example (a lot...
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  • Selenium functional tests fails when using TestNg parallel parameter with Arquillian (drone & graphene)

    How does one execute functional arquillian tests in parallel.  When setting the -parallel parameter to either method, tests, or classes my test are immediately failed with an ILLegalState and NullPointer Exceptio...
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  • Memory Leak

    In our application when multiple requests are served by JBOSS 6.4 server , we are facing memory leak.   Problem 1 One instance of "org.jboss.jca.core.connectionmanager.pool.mcp.SemaphoreArrayListManagedConnec...
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  • Arquillian + Weblogic 12.2.1 = Issue in Remote Deployment.

    Hi There,   Been stuck with this issue for a long time now. Need some help badly.   So here is what am stuck with: Am testing out the Greeter example, where I want to deploy my application on a remote (d...
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  • Bootstrapping an Arquillian embedded container from an application

    Hi All,   I need to integrate Arquillian embedded with an existing/homegrown test framework, not based on JUnit.   What I need to test is a CDI-based API we built for a project. So far, I integrated our t...
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  • Is there anywhere some Arquillian (or WildFly) community?

    Because here everything looks dead and buried...
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  • EmbeddedMaven without pom.xml

    Hello there, I want to use "org.jboss.shrinkwrap.resolver.api.maven.embedded.EmbeddedMaven" without a pom. Do you know if this is possible? Because EmbeddedMaven only provides a static method "forProject" but I don'...
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  • Arquillian Algeron status

    Hi guys, Is there anyone from Algeron community? I have posted a few issues and a merge request on GitHub a week ago, but so far received no response. I tried IRC but it is dead.   fix pacts loading from brok...
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    created by dekadence
  • Arquillian support for Java 11?

    I recently started migrating an existing in-house project from Java 8 / Wildfly 8 / Java EE 7 to Java 11 / Wildfly 15 / Java EE 8. While the project itself is now 100% working on the new versions, I ran into issues wi...
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  • Arquillian Spring 4 Issues

    While looking to test some Spring components and at the same time testing its integration in our JBoss AS 7 server (EAP 6 in production) my eye fell on Arquillian-extension-spring.   I'm trying to get a simple t...
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  • org.apache.http.HttpException: Scheme 'unix' not registered

    Hello, I'm trying to run a couple of integration tests with Arquillian Cube 1.18. My configuration is as follows:   <?xml version="1.0"?> <arquillian xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instan...
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    created by simplex-software
  • Missing module-info.java in the package shrinkwrap-resolver-api ?

    Hello,   I started migrating a maven project from Java 8 to Java 11, using modularity (Jigsaw). This project uses the package shrinkwrap-resolver-api for tests. shrinkwrap-resolver-api is declared in the depende...
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  • java.lang.IllegalStateException when using @MethodLifecycle

    Hi,   We are using junit and running multiple test in the the same class.  Our tests are passing but we are getting an overall java.lang.IllegalStateException: There is no context available for qualifier or...
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    created by dozer247
  • Warp: WebElementInstance.click() doesn't do anything

    Hey,   First of all, I had quite the hard time to even get anything from Arquillan Warp (and its Maven dependencies) to work.  Maven.configureResolver() failed due to all kinds of classpath issues.  Th...
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