• Writing an Arquillian Extension that runs an intergration-test as a system-test

    Hi, I have noticed that there are interesting projects like GitHub - dcm4che/WarpUnit: A lightweight framework for grey-box testing of server-side Java applications that allows to …  and GitHub - arquilli...
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  • Using Graphene for Ajax application

    Dear All, I need to use graphene for AJAX application but i don't want use DRONE because is manage by me already. I just want to use Waiting API and AjaxGuard. Please show some example. Thanks.
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    created by peterwkc
  • Jboss Arquillian to tests with Jboss 4.2.3 GA

    Hi guys! I've tried adding the test configuration for my project and I need to use the JBoss 4.2.3 GA in my tests.   In my pom.xml I have:   <dependencyManagement>     <dependenci...
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  • Arquillian with JUnit5 (proof of concept)

    Hi all,   I was interested if there is something going on about adding support for JUnit 5 in Arquillian.   Since there is no work done in this regard, I stated something on my own. I was able to create a ...
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  • Is there any way to have a init method called on a Graphene page object/page fragment/etc.. after enrichment ?

    I'd like to be able to run an init method after enrichment.  example :   @Location("https://www.drivenow.com.au/") public class HomePage {      @javax.annotation.PostConstruct  ...
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  • Running Dropwizard with Arquillian

    I would like to contribute a container for Dropwizard (http://dropwizard.io/). A PoC is already running.   Dropwizard does not know deployable artifacts. It simply uses all classes in its classpath. So how shoul...
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  • IBM WAS 9 Container Adapter

    Hi there, currently the highest supported IBM Websphere version is 8.5.   Is there planned to release an adapter for Websphere 9? (remote ro embedded) What of the equivalent Websphere Liberty Profil 16?
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  • parameterizing arquillian.xml

    I've seen some of the other posts on this (rather oldish) -- wondering if there's a way to pass parameters (ideally system parameters) to arquillian.xml file   E.g. ${tomcat.port} in the arquillian.xml file, and...
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    created by richardrobinson
  • @SpringConfiguration and -Dspring.profiles.active (Arquillian spring extension)

    I've got an Arquillian test annotated with @SpringConfiguration({"application-context.xml"}) and it works fine.   In the application-context.xml, I've got some profiles. I want to be able to pass the -Dspring.pr...
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    created by richardrobinson
  • Arquillian / TestNG method invocation sequence

    Version:1.0 StartHTML:0000000167 EndHTML:0000029271 StartFragment:0000000454 EndFragment:0000029255           Running Arquillian managed container, JBoss 7.0.2   Sequenc...
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  • Arquillian Wildfly Embedded Container - Unexpected Fatal Error

    When running Arquillian Wildfly Embedded Container,   if one of the deployed applications under test depends on spring-web framework   Arquillian embedded contained gives the error   Caused by: java.ut...
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  • [Could not invoke deployment method] exception in tests

    Hey Guys,   I am new to arquillian and jboss testing. Trying to convert a legacy testing project to gradle. I run into the exception below when running the test (using gradle). Any hints what is that I might be...
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  • Arquillian available port extension

    Hello,   I created an arquillian extension to easily use an available network port when configuring a container in the arquillian.xml   So far I have pushed it here : mryan43/arquillian-available-port-exte...
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  • Issue with storing JSON  in postgresql 9.4 for Test (Wildfly 9.0.2 Final + Arquillian Setup)

    I am facing issue in storing json while running Test InContainer. So the setup is Wildfly + Postgresql and Arquillian (For running the InContainer Test). Till now we were using h2db (in memory database) for basically...
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  • Arquillian Drone - changing / influencing the lifecycle

    Hi,   I am trying to port a suite of about 500 Selenium Java tests to Arquillian Graphen / Drone, as the framework that we used before (Atlassian Selenium) did not get maintenance or development for a long time ...
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  • WarpSynchronizationException: The Warp failed to observe requests or match them with response

    I created test project with JSF, ManagedBean and WildFly 9. https://bitbucket.org/qwertovsky/arquillian-warp-test/src With Warp I get error on client side: org.jboss.arquillian.warp.impl.client.execution.WarpSynch...
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  • Getting several Errors while running Arquillian Test Class

    Getting several Errors while running Arquillian test class   Dear forum members, I am quite new to Arquillian and I have just completed the getting started tutorial from http://arquillian.org/guides/getting_st...
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  • Arquillian BeforeClass and AfterClass events fired for every test method in a class

    Hi I'm developing an Arquillian extension and need to observe the BeforeClass and AfterClass events and I have found that these events are fired for every method annotated with @Test. The JavaDoc for these events stat...
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  • Arquillian Suite Extension Error

    0down votefavorite     I am having issue with integrating Arquillian Suite Extension. I am following steps from this link https://github.com/ingwarsw/arquillian-suite-extension#easiest-way-to-move-to-suite...
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  • Couldn't execute my first Arquillian test:   Time elapsed: 0.34 sec  <<< ERROR! java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not create new instance of class org.jboss.arquillian.test.impl.EventTestRunnerAdaptor         at o

    I am new to arquillian and I am trying to execute an Arquillian test which is failing with the below error> I tried googling around but couldn't find a fix for the same.   I am using maven to execute my test ...
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