• arquillian.xml: load properties from file

    Hi,   Is there a way to use settings stored in a properties file in arquillian.xml?  What I want to archive: I've to set the "schema" property value within the "persistence-dbunit" extension to a non-static ...
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  • Get container common configuration in arquillian test

    Hey guys! I have problem when running server task in manual mode when tearDown() method is invoked e.g.     @Override     public void tearDown(ManagementClient managementClient, String ...
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  • On BDD framework integration - easyb / Spock

    Greetings Arquillians!   I came across discussion about Spock and easyb integration on the irc log from #jbosstesting. I know that there is a github repo with initial integration with Spock. I'm keen to contribu...
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  • Graphene: renaming @FindBy(jquery)

    We have discussed change of an API for location of elements by @FindBy(jquery = "selector") in a dedicated thread: https://community.jboss.org/thread/232112 As a most viable option was chosen custom annotation princi...
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  • Liferay maven multimodule project using arquillian

    Hi   I am working multi-module liferay maven project.I have 5 projects 4 portlets and 1 hook,all are having service builder classes.Some portlets are having service layer,this service layer is used by other port...
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    created by satishlk
  • Is it possible to customize the org.jboss.arquillian.container.was.remote_8.WebSphereRemoteContainer to get ProtocolMetaData(HTTPContext info) without the admin client connecting through the SOAP

    I am working on a project that is using Webspehere Container My Arquillian tests are running fine I was wondering if there it is possible to customize the org.jboss.arquillian.container.was.remote_8.WebSphereRemoteC...
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  • Arquillian to test Jersey implemented rest service with embedded tomcat 7

    Hi   I am trying to test Jersey implemented rest service with Arquillian and embedded tomcat.   In my example instead of applying JAX-RS annotations directly on the Java class that implements our service ...
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  • Help with creating Cassandra and ElasticSearch plugins

    Hey guys, I'm the lead engineer for Apache Usergrid http://usergrid.incubator.apache.org/ .  For the past couple of weeks I've been cleaning up our tests.  Our lifecycle is an absolute nightmare with our d...
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    created by tnine
  • arquillian graphene ajax integration

    Hi there   Can someone point me to correct example of Arquillian Graphene AJAX guard API integration?   THanks for your help.     Nk
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    created by nekb
  • java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Resources must be specified while running Test

    I customized the WebspehreContainer to some extent to get the ProtocolMetaData. When  I executed my Arquillian tests I got the floowing error. Actually my code did not fail in validate where I had debug point and...
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    created by rnarla
  • Test runner delegation chain

    Arquillian prides itself on allowing the developer to run the tests from their IDE or build tool without any special plugins. At the very least with JUnit, I propose that we support a chain of custom runners so that w...
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  • Visual testing tool - request for feedback

    Hello all, I am here to kindly ask you guys for a feedback for my recent developments of visual testing tool. I would like to achieve following: Create a tool and enhance a process for visual testing of web a...
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  • Configuring Aspectj in the surefire-plugin

    Hello all,   I am trying to configure the surefire-plugin in order to run my AspectJ - Arquillian test.   Here is my configuration, but it seems it does not work:        <depen...
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    created by takis
  • how Arquillian Supports multiple JavaArchive Deployments?

    I'm using Arquillian and TestNG to test java CDI components,such as DB service layer based on Mybatis. Hope that one TestNG unit correspond to one DB service. Use maven command: mvn test -Dtest=XXXService ,it worke...
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    created by huyang
  • Arquillian persistence extension and Data-Driven Testing approach

    Hi,   Is there any possibility to use 'Arquillian persistence extension' in Data-Driven Testing approach?   I am using TestNG framework and I have some test methods annotated with @Test(dataProvider = "ran...
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  • Arquillian without build tools (neither Ant nor Maven .. )

    I am trying to write my first JUnit test using Arquillian , I have gone through different tutorials with maven but I wanted to run a unittest without using maven or ant . Is it possible? I have created dynamic web p...
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  • Arquillian Drone / illegalStateException (js)

    Hi all,   by a simple test of the login of my JSF Application i always get an IllegalStateException:   java.lang.IllegalStateException: Can't open the 'Graphene.Page.RequestGuard.js' resource.   It i...
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  • Run test with two runners: Arquillian and Powermock

    Hi everybody!   I have a some problem. I have to use both runner: arquillian and powermock. But @RunWith may be only once time. I try to use annotation @Rule for start Powermock but I'm having an error:   ...
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  • Arquillian-persistence-extension dbunit - Unable to load Arquillian properties in Container. Missing file arquillian.extension.persistence.properties

    Hey there,   my environment is the following: Glassfish (managed) running on localhost. Eclipse IDE running on localhost containing source / test code.   My arquillian.xml looks like:   <?xml ve...
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  • Anyone using Tomcat Managed containers with Windows?

    The reason I ask is that these components appear to be passing "/" path separators to the new process that is created to run Tomcat, and I don't think that will work under Windows.   (Un)fortunately I don't have...
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