• Change email

    Hello guys, can some of the administrators please change my email from eivind@ouvi.com.br to ehognestad@gmail.com?   Thanks in advance!   Best regards,   Eivind
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  • test watch

    my test
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  • bb test

    This is a test
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  • NEEDED:  Software Architect for USDA

    Needed: Software Architect for Performance Lab LOCATION: Kansas City, MO USA Hi There, I work as a contractor here at the USDA and we are looking for someone to run our Application Availability and Performance Lab (...
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    This forum is for general discussion and humour. Do not ask technical questions here. You will likely be ignored, go here instead: http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=main&c=5
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  • Seam versus Grails

    Hi, I was wondering if there was any stats available to back up the argument for Seam versus Grails. I am currently pushing for seam to be used in our next company project. Personally I have not used grails before s...
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    created by cilldara
  • Wellness at Work and Home.

    Hello friends I want to share some information regarding good health of your employees. There is a company, CEO Wellness http://ceowellness.com/, that offers audit assessments and are available on the web. This doctor...
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    created by haroldturner
  • Car driving!!!

    Once a car was being driven and after some time it stopped and could not be driven due to some malfunction.So it was required to bring that car to garage. Four equally strong person came and started to push the car.Bu...
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    created by rameshraj
  • New wiki

    I see that the wiki has been replaced with a newer version. I like that the new version looks nicer and appears to contain new functionality which I loo forward to exploring. However, I dislike that the old wiki URLs...
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  • test

    test topic
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  • Canada Eh? Tips on how to fight the Recession!! *USE IT*

    Canada isn't immune to the recession from the US - so, I'm going to pass on this great resource for all my Canadian hockey-loving buds - get a copy of ComputerWorld Canada - show the MAN that IT can save money - befor...
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    created by capslockshift
  • Thank you and Help us learn how Feature Requests R gathered

    Thank you to everyone who completed the survey! We’re getting great feedback. If you haven’t already participated, please take a few moments to complete the survey located at the ...
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  • Help us learn how Feature Requests R gathered

    My name is Paula Laurent. I’m a Computer Science PhD student at DePaul University conducting research on soliciting and prioritizing requirements. The goal of this research is to find out about the ...
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    created by plaurentphd
  • URGENT REQUIREMENT - JBoss Architect - Sydney, Australia

    If you have a moment, I'd appreciate your help. Please take a look and forward this job on to anyone you think would be interested in the position, or anyone else who could help me find a great candidate. Thanks for ...
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    created by axegroup-sydney
  • I want you !

    ...and you must imagine Uncle Sam pointing his finger at you ! :-) Jokes apart, if there's anybody who wants to collaborate for a JBoss portal is warmly welcome. If you want to publish an article about the AS or any...
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    created by francis17101970
  • Where to start the learning experience

    Hello, Starting to learn EJB 3.0, getting into it and I do like it. While learing it in combination with JBoss ( using 4.2.1 ) I see ofcourse the JBoss offers so much more, wanting to look into JBoss Seam when writin...
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  • Ruby versus Java

    I bought a Ruby book and flipped through some others. One thing struck me was the amount of time they generally spend saying "how great the language is" with hardly a word on "how the language is great". In fact they ...
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  • Who is mrs. Julia Firsova?

    Hi guys, do you what she is doing? http://labs.jboss.com/developers#JuliaFirsova
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  • New job

    Team Leader ? Cambridge UK Excellent opportunity for a team leader to supervise a team of engineers and guide them from a technical perspective to design, implement and maintain Client ? Server based configuration and...
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    created by goldgroup
  • Little help...!

    Hello there! I'm kindda new in this material... and my boss ask me to find how to know the status of JBoss, I would like to know if there's some section or application that can show all the status like performance, nu...
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    created by richacamargo