We've all worked hard to deliver this new Beta release of GateIn, the merged portal of eXo Portal and JBoss Portal.

Apart from bug fixes, new UI changes and support for Russian (and the things I forgot, we are consolidating the JIRAs), we've (Nicolas Filotto more precisely)  reworked the packaging aspect of components letting companies have more freedom to modify a portal by adding components and without modifying the shipped-in content.

Extra attention has been made to give you more to play with, all sources are now fully available.
We've added pages to give you starters to understand the inside of GateIn but also explain some of our processes. This goes with our pages that explain how to contribute to the project. This is also where you will find information on how to track the development of GateIn.

There is also a very rough documentation available. We'll keep working on this.

For all questions we still have our forums available here.

Remember our main website: www.gatein.org